Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have returned

Conservatives must awaken to thr truth of the situation we now face.

Bush and the Republican party are a failure. All of thier promises, no matter their protestations and vascillations, have fallen short. Baghdad is no shining city on the hill. It is still an oversized slum. Socialism, even in its softened form, still reings over government policy.

The Democrats will do nothing better. But both parties are failures as far as rationality and common sense go.

The best one can hope for in Novemember is for the American people to sit out the election. That is the only thing rational people have left. If one side is digusting, and you vote for the other exepecting a difference, and still get the same, then it is time for a third way. If this third way does no exist it is time to change tracks or give it up altogether.

The only question for this country is this: Who is going to wed themselves to lady liberty, the wayward woman of the west? Who, mind you, is going to decide to take up that mantle and do what needs to be done. We dont need another party but a national policy which is workable. To do this we need a man or woman without pause- a person who cannot and will not be paused. Such a person may be impossible to find in the modern era. To modern is to be medicore. We need no more mediocre leaders.

To do this we must break the two party paradigm of feint and countefeint. This game which they play is very remiscient of the Roman famlies, and the battles between the Optimates and the party of the people. The dueling Italian families laid the genesis- so aptly captured in many offhand conversations in the Godfather- of the Italian mob. Thier tactics and infighting, for better or worse(and pragmatically I have to say better) led to the rise of Julius Ceasar and the beginning of the Roman Empire.

And be honest. What president since Roosevelt hasnt broken the constitution?

The game may be fun, but the wager is survival. Gambled away is the chances for a better future. For what other purpose does politcs have than to secure the future?

Food for thought...