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A Step Forward

In one of the most famous, or in recent theological debates rather infamous event in the Old Testament, Moses is told by Yaweh that Israel will inhereit the land of the Caanaties. Yahweh does call for war, he tells the Israelites to take no mercy. Not because Israel is moral, not because it is great, not for Paradise or to avoid Hell, but because the Caanaties were evil. Tradition relates that the Caananitites practiced forms of human sacrifice. Moses died and the scepter passed to Joshua. In a series of brutal campaigns Joshua subdued and destroyed many of the cities of the Caanaites, depopulating them utterly. Thus was Caanan defeated, and the worship of Baal lessened.

The tale was alrgely tasken as a Jewish Jihad, as an uprovoked attack upon peaceful peoples. The tales of the perverse nature of Caananite worship were called slanders and tall tales. That is until, like always, Bible skeptics were hit with archaelogical evidence. Ugarit Epics were found which told tales of perverse deities who tortured men for fun, and of gods whoese care was not for men but for themselves. It told tales of dieites, the moon-deity Baal foremost among them, who demanded human blood.

Deites strikingly similar to today's Allah, to the reincarnation of the terrible Mesopotamian gods, whose mode of sacrifce has a new name, that of Jihad, and whose followers still place thier children upon altars, albiet ones of a more explosive type. One could even say that the ancient Caananites were actually morally superior to today's Jihadists, for at least in the immolation of their children only their children were slain. But Allah demands more. Allah demands the death of the infidels, until he is worshipped alone. Then Allah can get down to what he is best at. Allah roast men in Hell. He takes pleasure in destroying infidels. He has boiling water poured down their throats, and thorny bushes fed to the unfaithful. But to those who decide to roast the hated infidel on earth is the promise of the sick and brothel like "Garden of Bliss". Islam is a religion of works, where the only surest way to gain Paradise is to kill infidels. These are the facts of the doctrine of fundemental Islam- that is Islam as it was first taught, and has been implemented ever since.

The history of Islam has been accounted for scores of times on this blog and others. Its teachings- vile and depraved- have finally been exposed. But the question remains: What now?

The information age is a two-edged sword; for the very same technology which is used by today's terrorists can be usedd by any concerned citizen to find the truth regarding the matter of Islam. Indeed this is the first step. But it has been taken.

There is a step two. If we do not take such a course, Christianity itself will be sumberged to the Muslim. As related above, there are countless occuranaces of "holy" war, which we would now call Just War, that occur in the Old Testament, and these examples must be used again. These examples serve as a theological prism by which we can view Islam; as the logical modern continuation of moon-god worship and Baal sacrifice as praticed in the Caananite-Phonecian civlization. Foremost in Phonecian civilization is the city of Carthage. The archaelogical evidence there speaks of horrfic numbers of sacrifical victims. The Roman chronicles spoke of such a thing. Now we face an enemy which openly sacrifices its young. They worship death. In their candid moments many Muslims would agree. It is brandished by their thoeriticians like a badge. "We worship death, the infidels/Thagout/Shaitan worship life."

This is exactly why Yahweh commanded the Caananites be eradicated to a man. Being Deity, He saw the logical unfolding of such cults. But Islam is worse. What examples do we have to follow if we are to proceed forth in our wa against fundemental Islam?

Whether it be Gideon's destruction the invading Midianites, David's rapid conquests, or the expedition of the kings of Judah there are various approaches to take. But the message from the Old Testament is loud and clear. Such a cult as Islam, such an evil, such an unclean thing, cannot be tolerated. Its toleration leads to rot, decay and destruction. Spiritual, temporal and total. Destruction which we see today across the world, destruction in which Islam is engaged in. Ninety percent of the planets wars involve Muslim fanatics. It turns out Yahweh, the God of the Bible, was right. His detractors were wrong. For we have not "cast down thier idols", and they will in turn cast down ours, beginning with Lady Liberty and ending with the Crucifix. We can tolerate his principles which call for our death and submission; or we can decide not to tolerate the intolerable and thus survive. That is the message of the Old Testament.

Men have fought this same enemy before, albiet in different times, but their experiences are worth noting. We must remember them, we must spread thier name wide.

The first of the great anti-Jihad heropes hails from the Eastern Roman Empire, whose lands were invaded first by Muhammad at Muta and Tabuk and later lost after the battle of Yarmuk and the seige of Damascus:

"Leo entered Constantinople on March 25, 717 and forced the abdication of Theodosios III, becoming emperor as Leo III. The new emperor was immediately forced to attend to the Second Arab siege of Constantinople, which commenced in August of the same year. The Arabs were Ummayad forces send by Caliph Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik and serving under Maslama. They had taken advantage of the civil discord in the Roman Empire to bring a force of 80,000 men and a massive fleet to the Bosphorus.
Careful preparations and the stubborn resistance put up by Leo wore out the invaders. An important factor in the victory of the Romans was their use of Greek fire. The Arab forces also fell victim to Bulgarian reinforcements arriving to aid the Romans. Leo was allied with the Bulgarians but the chronicler Theophanes the Confessor was uncertain if they were still serving under Tervel or his eventual successor Kormesiy of Bulgaria. Unable to continue the siege in the face of the Bulgarian onslaught and lack of successes, the Arabs were forced to abandon their ambitions on Constantinople in August, 718. Sulayman himself had died the previous year and his successor Umar II would not attempt another siege. The siege had lasted 12 months."

Thus was Islam stopped in the east. Had they not been stopped, large tracts of Eastern and Central Europe would have submitted to the Islamic sword, and in turn, like all of its victims become its sword. In the West the tale was decided not in a massive seige but in open battle.

Charles Martel met the Saracen on the feild of battle and drove them from his land. Weilding axes and broadswords the Frankish infantry held against the Islamic cavalry and carried the battle. This reversed the tide of conquest which began at Jib-al-Tariq in 711. The victory did not stave off the Muslim assaults which continued for many centuries. The Moslems are warlike lot, and having no economy they could not simply subsit on honest labor. The Muslims continued their attacks until the time of the Crusades. But they would not have France yet.

The next example comes from the east, from the lands of the Mongols, from Central Asia, a yet un-Islamic area at the time.

Hulagu Khan launched a little known Asian Crusade. Coming from deep in Central Asia, he gathered up Mongol forces and set out. The eastern Kwarazem-Shah(Persia+Afghanistan+Uzbekistan) Empire had already been eradicated for its arrogant treatment of the trade mission's of Hulagu's father; Genghis Khan. But this was different. This time it was not only Mongols but also Caucasian peoples like the Alans, who took up the sword and repayed the Muslims their deeds to their face. Arriving at Baghdad in 1258 Hulagu sent word to the Caliph demanding he surrender. The soon-to-be last Abbasid refused. He felt safe inside the great jewel of Islamic "culture". Within a few weeks the Mongols breached the walls using Chinese built seige engines. Allah was curiously AWOL. Hulagu's Mongols scourged the entire city. Only the Christian population was spared. Hulagu had been urged to have mercy on them by his Nestorian Christian wife. The Korans and Hadith collections were not given undue respect. They were given their due- tossed headlong into the Tigris. Mosques were entered. Worshipers were slain. Horses were allowed to feed within their walls. The Caliph and his retinue surrendered, but he was put to death nonetheless. The sources disagree on his final fate, but one version has him being stuffed into a sack and trampled to death by Mongol horses. All told, eight-hundred thousand were killed.

In the course of this campaign the Islamic group called the Assassins was destroyed. This group was so radical it slayed other Muslims. Its small bands carried out the medieval version of today's suicide attacks. They snuck into the tents of leaders and killed them, then offered their breasts to the swords of the leader's retinue. Hulagu set to work against them. In short order he hunted them in their strongholds. They too were destroyed or surrendered.

The Islamic world was nearly destroyed. In the course of all of this killing the heart of the Sunni world was ripped out, the great Shia Empire disappeared, and the Assassins destroyed. This Islamic world was not to offer a serious threat to the West until the coming of the Ottoman Turks. This period of dislocation of the Islamic Imperialist machine was truly unprecedented. But for the Mongols themselves the action was a failure. The Muslims defeated the Mongol rearguard at Ain Jalut and prevented an invasion of Egypt. Later Mongols would convert to Islam and become some of its fiercest warriors.

John III Sobieski was the last of the great Jihad-killers. A valiant Polish King, he fought many wars. He was called "Lion" by the Turks. The Jihad had renewed and it had pushed deep into Europe and come to the very gates of Vienna. He led his Hussars personally and smashed headlong into the enemy ranks, breaking them. The tips of the Polish lances drank of the Turkish blood. The Turkish forces fractured and their troops took to flight, leaving their camp unguarded. The Poles settled down, and drank of the Turkish coffee; probably the best cup of Java ever to touch Western lips. The Ottomans melted away to the east, never to return to Vienna. This was the last Jihad; all others are simple flair ups, desperate half-measures designed to enrich local leaders or fight local wars.

Until our time.

With the coming of our age something began to roll off the tips of every Imam and dirty Mullah who ever took on the unholy robes: Jihad. The Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan and slowly collapsed, not unlike the collapse of Sassanian Persia. Always aware of history, and keen to seize it, the Jihadist next looked to America and Europe as an enemy. The West, lost to frivolity and make-believe, robbed of its culture by the acid of cultural relativism, and envenerated like so many other cultures by luxury, was in no position to respond. The acid of relativism has done its job. It has managed to reduce much of the United States to the level of pre-conceptual babies and our lot to that of toothless barbarians. It now remains to be asked: Where is our hero? Is there yet a man, in this land of multiculutralism, who is yet to pick up the sword against the enemy. Not the sword of truth, for it has been justly and deftly wielded against Islam for long enough, but the cutting sword; the sword which will uproot the tree and cast it into flame.

These men must enter or re-enter our log of heroes. We need more of them. But how is a people to understand their need for heroes when heroism and virtue itself is debased? Thats a religous and philosophical matter, to be answered at another time. But we have this task. Our civilization shall not be aborted before its time. If we shake shyly behind our false ideas concering war and do not face up to reality, we will lose. Nothing less than civlizational survival is at stake.

We as a people are nearly ready to take the second step. We are only waiting for that hero to appear on the scene, take up the sword, and lead the way. Then may we all move forward into the bright morning and the name of Allah be like that of Baal- a distant and fleeting shadow of a memory. Then may the glorious Yahudim lay down their arms- and we may see the new day at the break of a dawn, a new vision of Eden; a godly and just peace. Peace for Israel and peace for the Western world will only come through strength. It is high time for us to pluck up the last of our courage, and see to it that the day is won.

Otherwise, the night may have its way, and the bearer of light shall be blotted out. The choice is ours; but the victory goes only to God. The spoils of the battle are the future. It is a spoil worth taking; lest we take to headlong flight and our only recompense be a river of tears.

May all our defenders stand strong; and may our heroes arise.

The choice remains, fellow countrymen, as it always has,

"Victory or death!"


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That was a terrific historical review of the battles against Islam! We do, indeed, need to remember those who fought and stopped the Islamic horde!

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Amazing stuff, and I agree completely. I hope you get your book published. I would help publicize it on my blog for you.

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Any help I can get concerning my novel would be appreciated. I will add your site to my blogroll shortly.

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