Sunday, August 20, 2006

Israel Vanquished

Israel has suffered a catastrophic defeat. No this is not one only of material, but one of her very soul.

Her armies, mighty, furious, and focused, were not employed properly. Her soldiers were not given proper training, her reservists were allowed to grow fat, and her supply of weapons not sufficent. But they marched into Lebanon, with a seemingly mighty hand of power, only to be stopped; first by the ruffians of Hezbollah, then by the craven and cowardly political class which roams the halls of the U.N., White House and sadly enought the Knesset.

We all hoped earnestly for the best, for the Israelis to do what was necessary. Israelis did as well. By all indications, their people were more united than evey before, in fact as united as Americans were after 9-11, and yet, they were betrayed by their leaders. This loss is due not to the anti-tank missles, or any such pitiful weapons. It is due to political cowardice.
I postponed any commenting about the ongoing war for the very reason that any "Go Israel" remarks may have been premature. Israel has been defeated. The Arabs have stopped and thrown back Zion. So it is. So it always shall be. The Arabs, being historically minded(even if their version fo the facts are in fact not facts) will always remember this. Maybe those Jihadis that were seething to enter Lebanon didnt have time to arrive. No, Israel balked before they could even employ the Afghanistan strategy. The West Bank is next. After that, so is Israel

In researching Oswald Spengler, I came across the "Clash of Civilizations" and followed some links. Here is the Islamic view of the world. Note that SPAIN is mentioned as occupied territory in the same way that Israel is(except that Spain at least is refered to by its name not by "The Entity").

The magnitude of the Israeli defeat is clear in light of the following facts: Israel had to evacuate the entire northern side of their nation. Nearly a million people, close to a fifth or sixth of the population, had to leave home. Reserves were called up. Huffing and puffing, the politicans declared that they would hunt down Nasrallah. So they said. So they did not do.

But can you blame Israel? From the beginning they were doing yeoman's work in sending off the Party of Allah to the Ungodly Brothel. And from the beginning, the cowardly Enemy of the State Department was making demands. Condolezza wanted them to be good Jews and die quietly like millions of their forefathers.

Iran is behind Hizbullah, and via Syira, was certainly involved. It is rumored that Revolutionary Guards fought and even commanded some of the Hizbullah. This is disturbing not only to Israel, but to us. Now the Iranians have combat tested ability.

Hizbullah supply lines were not cut, and Israel followed foolish rules of engagment, never able crush its enemy. All along our State Department proceeded to call for the Lebanese government to stop Hizbulah, and treated Hizbullah as some unpopular entity. Thus we now have an irrational peace at the expense of a reasonable and justified war. That my friends is an injustice.
This attack, do not forget, was designed to do two things. First to probe Israel and try to see if it would fight back. Second to distract the false entity known as the "international community" from pressuring Iran. Both worked. Israel is once again shown to be ruled, like all Western Nations, by a pack of shameless cowards.

The Western World is now losing this war. This is simply the start. For an ananalysis go here

Israel did damage its enemy. This should be counted as a victory by all. They were taken aback, as we all were, by the Israeli response. And we have managed to postpone a higher-intensity World War. We are still in one now, but one of lower intensity. But as reason dictates, this peace is a false one, and this lack of intensity only a prelude, for this placid illusion will be broken by mass converted into pure energy over an Amnerican city. And that is the positive note. For the political pessinmists were right all along so say that Israel would not go all the way. We all had hope. What a folly that hope was.

With the current crop of American political leaderhsip we can have little hope for the future. Such a leadership as ours has blundered even the low intensity wars. If such a war-strategy as we saw in Iraq was deployed against a real enemy, like China, we would be swept aside and crushed. Another thing, China has a new ideal of manifest destiny. Its called the Middle Kingdom. Look into it. Its so tolerant of them. If we do go to war with China with our current batch of politcal leaders we will be destroyed. Our political leaders are some of the gravest threats to individual, national and civilizational survival. We can only lose this war if we let them lose it for us. That goes for both parties in Washington, and all nations, from India to Europe, who are battling the Islamic menace.

Taqiyya? We dont speak Arabic, dont bother us with such terms.

Negotiation with terrorists is a good way to go. Just ask the Quraysh Meccans who signed Hudabiyya.

Contrary to popular belief, peace is not to be had at any price. Contrary to what you have heard, peace is not preferable to a just war. Indeed, in some cases, it can be downright deadly.


Anonymous Anonymous said... an interesting website and I think this is what is going to happen as the western civilisation crumbles...

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet they have the nerve to call others "jihadists".

You lot are the most war-mongering of all people or nations.

Your whole land of America is based upon a Christian led genocide of the Native Americans.

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