Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Disturbing Notes

"The Islamists have a point, for the more Islam is present, the more its message is available, leading to more converts. To make serious headway in the United States, Islam depends on hands-on contact and a personal experience with Muslims.42 A survey of American conversions to Islam finds that over two thirds did so under the influence of a Muslim friend or acquaintance.43 "Islam's increasing numbers in recent years could be a sign that attempts at educating the American public about Islam by several American-based Muslim organizations have been working," observes Anayat Durrani.44 Converts often feel alienated from their own society ("America is sick")45 and are looking for something to fill the gap; they usually discover Islam via a spouse, through a long religious search, or chance contact with a Muslim who impresses them."


Blogger Always On Watch said...

The left, using the media and the educational system primes Americans to feel alienated. And I hate to say this, but many churches also prime the congregation for the same; many churches today are doctrine-deficit. Muslims, on the other hand, are committed to their cause.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Yes, you are right. This is why I do not watch the news. Alientation! What Marx decried against his cultural legacy enacts! A paradox, kind of like the fact that only the accumulation of capital frees man from labor and toil, yet the Marxists claim to want Utopia, but seek to reduce capital and take the economy back to serfdom. Arent tangents just wonderful?

Now what I am about to say is unpopular, which is why you will probably not see much in the way my theological opinions on this blog. But, Christianity has been in a divided and confused state since the very beginning. Orthodox V. Esoteric, Eastern v. Western. Each bickers over this or that event, which part of the so-called Godhead comes first, ect. The conflict between James and Paul, mentioned and even carried thouh in the New Testament, is still alive. Law vs. Grace? Which wins? Shall it be settled? Paul's warning against bickerning, and admonition to cast out the impure were not heeded. Instead they now run Episcopal Churches. And they wonder? And they wonder with confused gazes how the Saracen could gain ground with his austere and life-denying creed?

Was it not the corruption of Hellenism and Roman life that led to the acceptance of Yaushua as Messiah by millions?

So who shall the dispossed mass accept? The answer is terrifying.

12:14 AM  
Blogger your said...

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Along the lines of your comment, see THIS. As if the church were not divided enough, we now have the interfaithers. Gag!

BTW, the blog author at the above site has written an excellent book. Have I mentioned it to you before?

3:38 PM  
Blogger Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Thank for the article.

You have not mentioned his book before, but I have come across his webpage before.

"Interfaith" is an idea which is philosophically flawed. Is God so schizophenic that he needs multiple faiths? These people obviously havent read the creation accounts of Islam, or the story of "Dhual al-Karnin"(See Eighteenth Surah of the Koran). For clarification, "Dhual" is supposed to have been Alexander the Great. Its the talest tale Ive ever read. And to give these people legitmacy? Mark ALexander makes his point well. The Muslims are imperialists in the spiritual and temporaral realm. "Interfaith" is simply surrender. No bones about it. But the European churches surrendered long ago. That dark tide has yet to fully engulf this country. But give it time.

If Allah is the creator and Muhammad his best prophet I will become a satanist this very second. However, if he is just some pile of rocks around which the Arabs used to circle, and Mhammad an insane charlatan, i'll take my chances with the God of the Bible any day.

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