Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have been on absence. Such are the state of things that my life has gone out of balance. In every person's life one must maintain a balance between work and play; between money making and that "other" which people routinely call free time. To be frank, I am the intellectual type; it is these goods, those of contemplation, that I have sought out. So I have been in the process of straightening the money side of my affairs out. Yes, that all could have been communicated succinctly in one sentence, but how boring!

My question for any who read this: Why blog?

Now honestly, this is not an attack om this activity. I think blogging has accomplished great things. It has increased my sanity, sharpened my mind, and given soenm hope for civilization. For one thing, it helps combast bias in the meioda(whether you percieve that bias as right wing or left wing).

But why pursue this activity? Politcs is certainly a subject of concern for many blogs. But do those in Washington listen? Is anything changing? or is this country and the civilization it heads headed for death?

Does this activity really convince the other side? Or is this simply preaching to the choir?

What can we bloggers do to be more effective?

Just some questions.....Come hither, Come all!

Any who cares to respond, do so. I am interested.


Blogger ziontruth said...

Three words (just for now): Reuters Fauxtographs Scandal.

6:54 AM  

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