Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketches of a Nation Gone Mad

In the news reports of the conflict in Israel one can see the consternation of the Israelis. They truly want peace. Over and over again their faces ask, "Why us?" they are truly confused. One man, a bit confused about this conflict and others said, "They do not want land.......they just want to kill us." While he may think that the Palestinians do not want Israel eradicatted, he is wrong. But he is right on the other count. Hizbullah, or the Party of Allah(a phrase used by Muhammad to denote his followers) wants Israel gone. This means most or all of Jewery.

An Israeli woman on FoxNews asked, with all sincerity, "What type of religion tells you to kill?....What did we do to deserve this?"

Well, I am disappointed in the Israelis. I figured they would know this by now.

The Islamic religion abounds with orders to kill. The only thing which will appease the bloodthirsty gang called Islam would be if every Jew on the earth were to stop breathing.

Seconds later on Fox, some federal offical, a State department bacteria appeared and told us about a new exchange student program to "train the new leadership of Iraq". Well! I see. We need more Arab-Muslims in the United States. Makes sense. They are not known to be violent.

Next we have people still calling for Lebanon to "take authority" over the south. Never mind Hizbullah was elected. Never mind they are a part of the Lebanese government. Never mind the Lebanese have promised to take sides with them. And Rice of course had to make another trip. There are enough rumors coming out concerning a proposed limited timetable to clean up Hizbullah for me to beleive them.

Hizbullah is the terror amr of Iran. Hizbullah has offices in our hemisphere and is one of the only groups besides AQ to attack here. If Iran was to get nukes they would probably be the first to be deployed with them. If Hizbullah was degraded, then its ability to react against a limited American bombing of the Iranian nuke program would be lessened.

Also, our good buddies in Iraq are about to demand that we withdraw. They are of course lambasting Israel. How long before the Iraqi army we are training drops all pretense and declares war on the Jews?

Of course the real problem in this is Iran, which we seem determined to do nothing about. Only when the Iranian nuclear program is devestated and her cities subjected to a merciless bombardment will all of this come to an end. But it won't.

So what is a man to do? The first impluse is to defend one's civilization in the fashion men everywhere know: to take up the sword. But alas, in the nation gone mad.....

From the Naval Reserve website:

"From the Global Fight Against Violent Extremism to countering emerging regional threats, Intelligence Officers in the Navy Reserve serve at the forefront of national security. Your findings based on the collection and analysis of an adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and intentions will be key to conducting successful U.S. military operations. Utilizing the latest technology, advanced systems, and analysis techniques, you will locate, identify, analyze, and disseminate real-time intelligence information in support of operational warfare commanders. Typically, this includes using tactical and space-based imagery, computers, radar, acoustic sensors, and electronic signals surveillance to analyze intelligence data. "

You may analyise the "adversary's strengths, weaknessess and intentions" without of course naming him. Those darn violent Extremists and their globalness!

The symptoms are rampant; the disorder malignant, the diagnosis:


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