Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some Recent Developments

Israel is decimating the enemies of all of Man. The Jews, the people whose grandfathers were stuffed in to ovens like deadwood are fighting back. Their soldiers are fighting toughly. This should be the time for the Republicans to manuver to crush the pacifist-communist bloc. But instead, they blunder. Republican strategists decided it was time for Iran's.........I mean Iraq's, PM to come to the U.S.

Good work boys.

Rice makes another trip to the Mideast. She will no doubt demand that Israel jog towards the gas-chamber rather than mop towards it.

Zawahiri calls a jihad. Keep an eye on that. If Israel balks now, and the jihadis flood Lebanon, they will be flush with victory.

So goes the Global Fight Against Violent Extremism. War! No war! Never heard of the term.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketches of a Nation Gone Mad

In the news reports of the conflict in Israel one can see the consternation of the Israelis. They truly want peace. Over and over again their faces ask, "Why us?" they are truly confused. One man, a bit confused about this conflict and others said, "They do not want land.......they just want to kill us." While he may think that the Palestinians do not want Israel eradicatted, he is wrong. But he is right on the other count. Hizbullah, or the Party of Allah(a phrase used by Muhammad to denote his followers) wants Israel gone. This means most or all of Jewery.

An Israeli woman on FoxNews asked, with all sincerity, "What type of religion tells you to kill?....What did we do to deserve this?"

Well, I am disappointed in the Israelis. I figured they would know this by now.

The Islamic religion abounds with orders to kill. The only thing which will appease the bloodthirsty gang called Islam would be if every Jew on the earth were to stop breathing.

Seconds later on Fox, some federal offical, a State department bacteria appeared and told us about a new exchange student program to "train the new leadership of Iraq". Well! I see. We need more Arab-Muslims in the United States. Makes sense. They are not known to be violent.

Next we have people still calling for Lebanon to "take authority" over the south. Never mind Hizbullah was elected. Never mind they are a part of the Lebanese government. Never mind the Lebanese have promised to take sides with them. And Rice of course had to make another trip. There are enough rumors coming out concerning a proposed limited timetable to clean up Hizbullah for me to beleive them.

Hizbullah is the terror amr of Iran. Hizbullah has offices in our hemisphere and is one of the only groups besides AQ to attack here. If Iran was to get nukes they would probably be the first to be deployed with them. If Hizbullah was degraded, then its ability to react against a limited American bombing of the Iranian nuke program would be lessened.

Also, our good buddies in Iraq are about to demand that we withdraw. They are of course lambasting Israel. How long before the Iraqi army we are training drops all pretense and declares war on the Jews?

Of course the real problem in this is Iran, which we seem determined to do nothing about. Only when the Iranian nuclear program is devestated and her cities subjected to a merciless bombardment will all of this come to an end. But it won't.

So what is a man to do? The first impluse is to defend one's civilization in the fashion men everywhere know: to take up the sword. But alas, in the nation gone mad.....

From the Naval Reserve website:

"From the Global Fight Against Violent Extremism to countering emerging regional threats, Intelligence Officers in the Navy Reserve serve at the forefront of national security. Your findings based on the collection and analysis of an adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and intentions will be key to conducting successful U.S. military operations. Utilizing the latest technology, advanced systems, and analysis techniques, you will locate, identify, analyze, and disseminate real-time intelligence information in support of operational warfare commanders. Typically, this includes using tactical and space-based imagery, computers, radar, acoustic sensors, and electronic signals surveillance to analyze intelligence data. "

You may analyise the "adversary's strengths, weaknessess and intentions" without of course naming him. Those darn violent Extremists and their globalness!

The symptoms are rampant; the disorder malignant, the diagnosis:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Four Letter Words

I found this little ditty over at GatesofVienna:

US President George W. Bush, caught on an open microphone at a summit here, said Monday that a key to defusing the Middle East crisis was for “Hezbollah to stop doing this s**t.”“What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s**t, and it’s over,” Bush told British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a leaders’ lunch at the Group of Eight industrial countries gathering here.The president was on camera but apparently unaware that his words were being captured by a microphone.

There is hope for Mr. Bush yet. I could think of ways in which the sentence could be reconstructed so that more of those four-letter words could find their way in. In fact, when dealing with our enemy I can't think of one that shouldn't be used. He should drop the speechwriters. Its gets the point across much better.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Islam in World War Two

It is in all of this wrangling in the Middle East to remember the history of the matter. But in this I will not appeal to the ancient history, as I have done before. Instead I will bring froth favts from event not that far removed from out time.

Everyone agrees, whether they be rabid collectivist communists or hardboiled conservatives, that the Nazis were evil. They agree that the death cmaps, the whole-sale eradication of Jews amd the limitless slaughter of World War Two were evil. It has even entered into theology/phiosophy as a great example of the "Problem of Evil".

Every five seconds you hear about the oppressed Palestinians and the fascist Israelis. You hear about the poor downtrodden brown Arab who knowns nothing of the evil white man's ways. But how true are these claims? When fascism threatened the world and civilization nearly went down, which side did our great Moslem brothers take?

It has been said before that the policy of Muhammad toward the Jews of Arabia was not that different from Hitler's. On this I concur. That is an exposition for another time. But suffice it say that the Mulism shed Jewish blood long before a Jew ever shed any Moslem blood. Hizbullah, the tool of the Iranaian Islamist dictatorship is curently being pushed back. It is said that Mr. Bush, who some commentators claim to be a veritable man of steel, if giving Israel a week to clear out the Hizbullah infestation. Mind you the infestation has reched the Lebanese Parliment, but let us not trobule the great brave president with such facts. Good old democracy at work. Why not try in in Syria! Why not Iran! Why Im sure the enlightened and resonable peoples of the Middle East will choose wisely.

Iran sided with the Nazis during the Second World War. It controls Hizbullah.

al Haj Amin Al Husseini was a famous Palestinian. After organizing an attack on praying Jews, he was expelled from Palestine, traveled out of Palestine and fled to Berlin. There he worked as a propagandist calling for the killing of Jews. A Muslim division, the Handschar, was raised in the Balkans. This division was well known for its cruelty.

War was declared against Israel before it was even born. Muhammad himself warred against the Jews. As for proportionality, Israel is acting in restraint. If Israel were to act in proportion to this threat, it would nuke Iran, overthrow Lebanon and deport all the Moslems, deport/kill the so-called Palestinians; arm groups within Syria, Iran, and other Islamic nations to launch terrorist attacks, and preach a Judeo-Christian Holy War first to their own people and then to the world. But Israel is a restrained and civilized nation. Such tactics wouldn't occur to it. Listening to the media you'd figure the Israelis are some type of brutal SS squad. The truth, as usual, is the exact inverse of what our pulpits preach. If the South Lebanese were worried about peace they would not have voted for Hizbullah. Their deaths are simply a consequence of their decision.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jihad in Perspective

So Israel finally looks like it is going to do what it takes to survive. I am actually not perturbed by the news pouring out of the armpit of the world; I am relieved. The Middle East "peace" process is a sad joke, whereby we dhimmified western nations run over to half-dhimmified Israel and demand that they give up more land in exchage for a reprieve of exectution by their Jihadist enemy. The Arab-Muslim maniacs simple give the "zionist entity" yet antoher decade or so.

What is the one thing which must happen for there to be peace in the middle east?
Islam has to disappear. Prior to Muhammad's birth and forged prophecy Arabs and Jews got along and lived together. They even built a city together: Yathrib, now known as Medina. Arabs and Christians also got along. Only Islam changed the free and peaceful Arabs into very effective killing machines.

It is amazing to see the talking heads speaking about how we should send over another envoy to try to get some kind of agreement between the two sides. Any such agreement between Muslims and non-Muslims is null and void before the first bit of ink dries upon the paper. No such agreement should ever be forwarded by the United States to Israel, or encouraged. Israel is the bulwark. When the histories are written of this war against Jihad, the fact will remain that Israel delayed further Jihad. Israel has delayed a more violent conquest of Europe. But if it goes; so does the west.

America is not stretched thin. This is a fallacy. So do not buy the garbage that we cannot do anything to support Israel. We still have many army divisions not yet deployed. Of course the talking heads, who known nothing, would tell you otherwise.

Both sides of the political aisle, as usual, seem ready and willing to committ treason. As such, I believe it is time to enforce our laws on treason. Maybe then we would get better leadership. But for the beneift of the talking heads and similar minded dolts, i will outline the history of the Jihad yet again and offer our prospects for the future. In the future I will provide a map outlining these facts. But for now a simple description will suffice.

Muhammad began his Koran in the small town of Mecca. He gained all of 50 followers. Chased from his sandlot, the bully gained ascendancy by killing his kith and kin and stealing their goods. He dies ruler of all of Arabia. In the War of Apostasty the Arabs try to break away from Islam. Some people take to mocking Muhammad. Others turn to their old polytheism(which was morally superior to Islam). Still others claim to be prophets. Abu Bakr smashes these Arabs. Shortly thereafter the Christian lands of Judea, Syria and Iraq are invaded. The Christians are subjugated The battle of al-Qadisiyya ends the Persian Sassanian Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire is reduced to Anatolia and Greece. The entire coast of Africa is conquered. The Sindh in India is invaded by Muhammad bin Qasim. Cities are sacked without mercy. Byzantium is beseiged. Leo the Isaurian repulses them. Spain is invaded and conquered. The Visigothic King Roderic is killed. Not done yet, the Moslems invade the Chinese dominon in Central asia and defeat them at Talas. Muslims are repulsed at Tours. Sardina and Sicily are taken by the Muslims. Pirate Muslims even sail up the Tiber and sack Rome. St. Peter's Bascillica is looted. Southern Italy is occupied. Finally the world awakens to Islam. Byzantium launches a coutnerattack. The Norman knights retake Sicily. The Reconquista begins to retake Spain.
But these measures, and the Crusades, were merely pinpricks.

Byzantium is conquered after many centuries of resistance, her last Emperor dying in glorious battle against the Turks.

This is the history of Islam. This is the history of millions slain for a beast of a man, for a beast of an ideal, for a false prophet; for a lie.

But the story is not over. For those who do not know, for those without ears to hear and eyes to see; the Jihad has begun yet again. But this time its weapons are not expert cavalry and the scimitar. This time its weapons are the birth canal, political correctness, and cowing the west with meanlingless words like Imperialism.

Europe is slowly becoming Muslim. Russia too. The landscape will shift in the next century. The Muslims will overrun Europe. They will have access to her arms. They will turn them against other nations. India is bound to become Muslim as the Muslims ignore the abortion regulations and breed out the Hindus.

And tiny little Israel is faulted for a few bombings? So what if a few savages go the way of the earth. The honest truth is this: the time has come for total war. The time has well nigh come for all-out war against the Umma. Many are calling for it. Reason, justice, and the preservance of our great nation and civilization dmeand it. No other course is possible. We must not only aim to defang the Umma; but we must wage war for the eradication of it as a signifcant force in world affairs.

Democratiztion is now clearly impossible and undesirable. Those who cautioned us against such a strategy were correct, and my mind has been turning me in that direction already. Democracy for the Arab-Muslim means Hizbullah in southern Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt. God knows what else it could bring. It was a nice experiment. Two-thousand men died in Iraq so it could be disproved. Enough of police actions. Enough of this limited-war gibberish.

America is lucky in all of this. We are far removed from our enemy. He may have nuclear weapons. He can surely get them. He has been shown to know how to use chemical munitions. So those threats, capable of killing hundreds of thousands if not millions, is enough to keep the country worried for many years. But more direct threats loom on the horizon.

Quebec elected a Muslim member of its provincial parliament. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada. In case you don't remeber, we share a border with Canada. And Islam has never known a peaceful border. Ever.

In the south it is no better. Islam has a presence in South America. Hugo Chavez is in a lovefest with Iran. Hizbullah is known to have a presence. The Maya are converting to Islam in large numbers. Given enough numbers the current insurrection against Mexico could turn into the first full-scale Jihad in our Hemisphere.

But what of America herself? Large pockets of Muslims exist in Michigan and Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is the most disturbing, considering its proximity to the Capital. Every day we can hear of some moron converting to Islam for this or that reason. I blame the contemporary Christianity, and Christian leaders. What was once a great faith has become a laughing stock. It has been reduced and false teachers are more numerous than the sand.

The Jihad contiues. Its going to get worse before it gets better. Much worse.

"What will be will be. Where it ends we know not".
-Genghis Khan, in his letter to the Kwarazmian-Shah declaring war

But this much is clear: the Umma must be held responsible for its madness. Otherwise we all go down the path of Submission. Such a world is simply not worth living in. Maybe the Israelis have finally figured this out. The West should back them and think about following suit.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Islamic Tolerance In Somalia

In Mogadishu, a group of twenty armed CCIC men invaded a wedding celebration and seized musical instruments. Islamic conservatives believe musical instruments are the tools of the devil. Most Somalis don't agree with this. Somalis are also incensed at a video, showing foreigners fighting alongside CCIC gunmen, that is being passed around. The CCIC insists they are a homegrown force, but many Somalis see the CCIC as the puppet of wealthy foreign Islamic conservatives. .........

July 6, 2006: CCIC said that those who did not observe Islamic prayer rules (five times a day), would face the death penalty. Demonstrating their fairness, the CCIC arrested two of their own gunmen, who had killed two people in a crowd protesting the shutting down of a cinema that was showing satellite broadcasts of World Cup games. The two arrested men will be tried under Islamic law....

Islam: The gift that just keeps on giving. It is so just, and so overly tolerant of them to shoot people for watching movies. in fact it is so wonderfully tolerant that the lady of justice should actually be depicted as a Somali Muslim weilding a scimitar. Why these paragons of justice! These upholders of the catagorical imperiative! These great just men!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Fourth

As we celebrate our independence day with our barbarcues and firewroks shows, we must pause in our joy and reflect. What is this thing called America? Does anyone know anymore?

Liberty is a foreign ideal to most people. Liberty as we might think of it was only known by a choice few ancient societies: Greece, Germany, early Rome and Carthage. Greeks would rather die than suffer undere Persian tyranny. Germans would rather fight for centuries against Rome than submit. Carthage fought until Hannibal was betrayed, slain, and her city put to the sword. The last true Romans fought Caesar, but they in turn were slain. Liberty in the West died with them.

Liberty was nor to burn brightly again until the Declaration of Independence. America would enforce this ideal when pushed too far; the monarch, totalitarians and collectivists would feel thew dust of the earth as the armies of liberty surged forth and put to death their tyranny.

We must never forget that behind us there is a great history. America was borne of the greatest group of men ever to grace the earth. Her frontier were won by savage but free men, not unlike those mighty germans who surged across the Rhine and dealth the slavish Romans a death blown. We must remmeber our histroy and never let it fall into the wrong hands. Civilization, as Will Durant once said, is a percious good. It must be safeguarded from all who may destroy it. Men sacrifced all they had for the ideal of freedom. They gave many of their lives. Would we measure up?

I cannot help but ask myself: Will my future children be able to celebrate this holiday?

Our nation has produced the great inventions which every people now take for granted. We are the apex of Western Civilization. We enacted her highest ideals and discarded its injustices.

I once met an African student on the way to class. I do not recall the conversation other than the question I posed to him:

"What do you think of America?"

He smiled a bit, and then said, "Paradise on earth."

I concur exactly. Let us keep it that way.

Happy fourth.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Clarification of the Islamic Threat

Why is Islam fighting the world, including its own more peaceful sects?

The ultimate goal of the fundementalist Muslim is an Islamic state from Indonesia to Spain. This only matters due to this areas oil supply and its command of vital sea lanes. On top of this, Muslims are in a position, via "peaceful jihad" of births, to overtake England, Italy, Spain, portions of Russia, France and Germany. Iran is poised to gain nuclear weapons. Pakistan has them, and is likely to fall to fundementalism. India's ages old Hindu culture is being de-emphasied. Small bands of men will soon have nuclear weapons, and no one in the West has the guts to stop them. Thus the West does not have time for moral platitudes and equivocations regarding its mortal enemy. It does not have time to preach to the savage the glories of civilization. The West has about fifty years by most estimates, and after this it will be submerged and superseded. The West either destroys Islam or is destroyed by it. Islam leaves us no other alternative. Wars of religion are a zero-sum game. Islam is first and foremost an ideal enforced by the sword. Only when this sword is parried and broken by a heavier sword will its dogmas decline.

Islam delend est.

Calling for the destruction of Islam does not mean that every Muslim has to die; only that we must be willing to make it so. When total warfare was waged against Germany is was not neccessary to kill all Germans, just 10 million of them. One cannot reasonably expect Muslims to fight to the last. But the must be faced with a very real choice: cease the jihad as one or die as. They have given us no other choice.

For many in the west the Crusades are ancient history. They have been forgotten. But among the bards of Damascus the tales of Saladin still ring out. No matter how much we in the West condemn the Crusaders the Islamic world will never forget and never forgive. We gain nothing by spitting upon the deeds of our forefathers. Secular humanism has made the grave error of lumping together every religion. It has thus lost the power of discernment. Its cutting sword has grown so used to cutting into the Christian faith that it has come to see Christianity as the greatest evil on earth. It seeks to destroy Christianity and to this end it gives Islam a "get out of criticism free" card. When criticism of Islam is offered to the secularist, he avoids the question by pulling out the book of Joshua and thus equating the Jihad which threatens us all to the long over conquest of Canaan.

Basic facts can dispel any comparison between Christians and Moslems, or the Koran and Bible.

First, Moslems do not worship "God". They worship Allah, "the God" in Arabic. The God of the Bible(Yahweh, or "I am that I am") is not the same god of the Koran. The notion of the Triune Godhead is regarded as heretical by Muslims. Allah is a tribal deity whoses tribe has managed to carve a portion of the world out for itself. The teachings of Christ have provided a balance to the violence present in the Old Testament. Nothing of the kind exists in Islam.

Second, there is a basic Islamic view of the world. The world is in two camps according to Islam: the House of Islam and the House of War. The meaning is clear. Christianity has no concept of the world like this. While violent portions of the Bible certainly exist, theology of Christianity since St. Augustine has tended to move in the opposite direction. Islam will not allow peace. Ever. Islam has bloody borders. There does not exist a nation on earth which borders and Islamic nation that is not under assault. From China to Spain the tale is the same: Jihad.

Third, Muhammad is seen as the model of a man by Muslims. Christians believe the same about Jesus. Unfortunately for mankind, Muhammad was no Jesus, no Buddha, no Asoka. In order to draw an accurate comparison, Muhammad is more like Joshua, Moses, Isaiah and Christ all rolled together. He is considered by Muslims as an example to follow, an example set by the Hadith and backed up by biographical works. If Muhammad was the model of the perfect man then we should all marry six year olds, rape captive women, kill unarmed merchants, engage in terroristic warfare, plunder, kill our families if challenged, take multiple wives, take slaves and kill all Jews. If you think this is unfair, or that Islam is really not that bad, take the time to read the Sirat Rasoul Allah which I have linked to in this piece.

These beliefs come ogether in a witches brew and have prdocued the most effective killing machine of conquest man has ever known: Islam. The list of Jihads, past and present, show us that Islam has lashed into virtually every nation. No people or belief system is free of its destruction.

But something in the West is changing, or at least in America. Decades of the Cultural Marxism have not completely succeeded in destroying our faculty of reason. Many, after the 9-11 attacks, this author included, sought the truth from facts. We all went out and read the bestsellers which now line bookshelves. We turned to pundits. But they gave us only a bit of the truth, followed by inane platidues devoid of sense. Next we turned to scholars and finally to the Islamic texts themselves. What we found in them was terrible. Islam embodies every evil we were told was true of all religions. With Islam exposed one has to look for new solutions. It was in answer to this question that the sources are silent. They offer nothing new, no new ideals, no new spirit, but platitudes of a different sort.

The only question worth asking is: What is to be done?

Can we democratize a society whose worldview is diameterically opposed to democractic principles?

Can we sit by and do nothing?

Can we simply go after individual actors?

Or can we wage total war, the kind of war which defeated the fascists?

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” -Barry Goldwater

But Muslims still deploy the "Islam is a peaceful religion" lie.
Am I attacking Islam from the outside? Take Muhammad's word for it.

From the Koran:
(Text via "Prophet of Doom" Koran, which has five major translations to work from)

"Permission to fight (against disbelievers) is given to those (believers) who are fought against, because they have been wronged and surely, Allah is Able to give them (believers) victory" [Quran 22:39]*

"Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Taghut (anything worshipped other than Allah e.g. Satan). So fight you against the friends of Satan; ever feeble is indeed the plot of Satan."[Quran 4:76]

"Do you fear them? Allah has more right that you should fear Him if you are believers. Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of believing people. And remove the anger of their (believers') hearts. Allah accepts the repentance of whom He wills. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise." [Quran9:13-1]

"So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior ( in victory )if you are indeed (true) believers" [Quran 3:139]

008.039 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world). But if they cease, Allah is Seer of what they do.”

“They are surely Infidels who say Christ, the Messiah
is God.” (5:72)
What would Muhammad do? Context will be important to establish what the next verses say. Muhammad fled his native Mecca for Yathrib, a city built and fed by the Jewish tribes of Arabia. He promptly began to raid the caravans of Mecca. He was the aggressor. Finally the Meccans had enough. Amr ibn Hisham, a noble Meccan, led out the warriors of the city to fight Muhammad. His name was later changed to "Abu Jahl" or Son of Ignorance. This will make what happens next much worse.

From the Sira :

Ishaq:304 “Abd Allah bin Mas’ud said, ‘I found Abu Jahl in the throws of death. I put my foot on his neck because he had grabbed me once at Mecca and had hurt me. Then I said, Has Allah disgraced you and put you to shame, O enemy of Allah?’ ‘In what way has he disgraced me?’ he asked. ‘Am I anything more important than a man whom you have killed? Tell me, to whom is the victory?’ I said,
‘To Allah and his Messenger.’”

One of the Meccan merchants said: Ishaq:342 “I wonder at foolish men like these who sing frivolously and vainly of the slain at Badr. This was nothing more than an impious and odious crime. Men fought against their brothers, fathers, and sons. Any with discernment and understanding recognize the wrong that was done here.”

Ishaq:308 “When the Apostle was in Safra, Nadr was assassinated. When Muhammad reached Irq al-Zabyah he killed Uqbah. When the Holy Prophet ordered him to be killed, Uqbah said, ‘Who will look after my children, Muhammad?’ “Hellfire,’ the Apostle replied, and he was killed.”
Text courtesy of Prophet of Doom.

If the Islam is a "religion of peace" then I guess the following never happened:
-The Library of Alexandria must not have been burned by Arabs, who, like the rioters in Afghanistan, believed in the self-sufficiency of the Koran.
-Kabul must still be a Hindu city
-Byzantium must still be alive and well
-Persia must still be the great civilization it once was, with Zoroastrians in bounty
-Hindustan must never have been invaded. Muhammad bin Qasim never invaded the Sindh. Debal, Mathura and Dehli must never have burned.
-Thus, Pakistan will have to give up its national hero, Mahmud of Ghazni, and erase his deeds
-Yathrib must still be Yathrib, a Jewish city, not "Medina". So all the maps have to be changed thus

Wishful thinking has killed millions before. Today the monolithic opinion of American media, government and academia is exactly what many have voiced: That Islam is a religion "hijacked" by Wahabis or Al-Qadea, or at worst, maybe five-percent of Moslems who are "extreme".
Wahabis were not in the early Arab armies. They did not scale Jib-al-Tariq. Al-Qaeda did not fight at the Battle of Talas and smash the Chinese. It was not "extremists" who stormed Constantinople.

It was Muslims, doing exactly what the Koran told them to.

Many believed Germany had no ambition, only to return to it's glory, or build an Empire like the British. Many people excused or apologized for the Germans. In today's world they would say German Nationalism was hijacked by the Nazis. Is Islam Nazism? For the Moslems following their faith it is damn close. Hitler is back, alive and well, but this time has a religion to call his own and believers in a claimant prophet to follow him into hell.