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A Brief Introduction to Muhammad and Islam

Around the time of 600 A.D. a religion borne of barbarians burst forth from the middle east; devouring empires and peoples, converting or destroying all:

'Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight the pagans. When Al-Hurmuzan embraced Islam, 'Umar said to him. "I would like to consult you regarding these countries which I intend to invade." Al-Hurmuzan said, "Yes, the example of these countries and their inhabitants who are the enemies of the Muslims, is like a bird with a head, two wings and two legs; If one of its wings got broken, it would get up over its two legs, with one wing and the head; and if the other wing got broken, it would get up with two legs and a head, but if its head got destroyed, then the two legs, two wings and the head would become useless. The head stands for Khosrau, and one wing stands for Caesar and the other wing stands for Faris. So, order the Muslims to go towards Khosrau." So, 'Umar sent us (to Khosrau) appointing An-Numan bin Muqrin as our commander. When we reached the land of the enemy, the representative of Khosrau came out with forty-thousand warriors, and an interpreter got up saying, "Let one of you talk to me!" Al-Mughira replied, "Ask whatever you wish." The other asked, "Who are you?" Al-Mughira replied, "We are some people from the Arabs; we led a hard, miserable, disastrous life: we used to suck the hides and the date stones from hunger; we used to wear clothes made up of fur of camels and hair of goats, and to worship trees and stones. While we were in this state, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earths, Elevated is His Remembrance and Majestic is His Highness, sent to us from among ourselves a Prophet whose father and mother are known to us. Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:-- "Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us remain alive, shall become your master." (Al-Mughira, then blamed An-Numan for delaying the attack and) An-Nu' man said to Al-Mughira, "If you had participated in a similar battle, in the company of Allah's Apostle he would not have blamed you for waiting, nor would he have disgraced you. But I accompanied Allah's Apostle in many battles and it was his custom that if he did not fight early by daytime, he would wait till the wind had started blowing and the time for the prayer was due (i.e. after midday)."

The central question is: Was this Muhammad just another prophet, an Arab Jesus come to speak of his kingdom to come? Was he a Bedouin Buddah seeking enlightenment and preaching peace? Perhaps he was a new Moses, leading his Arabs to their promised land?

From the Koran, the Hadith, the Sunnah and the Sirat Rasoul Allah we know his life, his deeds, and his word. We also know of the death he caused. He comes forth from the desert and galvanises the tribes against the urban centers. He storms Mecca and Medina.

But Medina was not yet Medina.

It was known as Yathrib.

It was a Jewish city, a product of Jews cast out of their lands. Did Muhammad join arms with his fellow People of the Book? After all, your textbooks are quick to point out that Christians and Jews are such.

Muhammad was a killer, a warrior; a force of death and falsely-claimant prophet. He burns caravan, commits atrocities; starves, burns and enslaves entire cities1.

He casts the first stone against an adultress, saying with word and deed "It is I alone who carries the will of God". Muhammad took a bride, Aisha, one of many. What is different here, worth noting above all others, is her age. She was only nine years old at the time. Worse than marriage, he consumates this marriage; this union of old man and frightened child. Muhammad is thus the only religous founder to also be a molestor. According to the Islamic scholars, the girl is so small she takes along her toys to his bedchambers.

Not only did Muhammad destroy Jews, Arabs, order assassinations, but he also had sex with a little girl.

Child marriage was therefore deemed lawful in Islam. It had found its way into sunna and sharia. Marriage is considered nothing more than a sale of the minor girl. The contract can and is drawn up between the guardian and would be husband. Her consent matters not. Muhammad did worse in this arena, marrying Zaynab bint Jahsh, his adopted sons ex-wife. He also went against his own teachings, his own uttered "sacred words", perhaps following that which was un-uttered, by marrying more than four women.

Add incest to the rap sheet.

After Muhammad's death, Islamic armies explode into Judeah, Egypt and Syria; extinguishing these provinces of Byzantium, in effect putting half of their empire to the sword. The Christian met the Moslem at the Battle of Yarmuk bridge. Here the Byzantines were defeated and the population converted to Islam en masse.2 Damascus became the capital of the Umayyads, who went on the wrest control of the Mediterrainean from the Romans. They continued attacking, imbued with doctrines of Jihad. they went on to besiege the great city of Byzantium,but it held them off for the meantime.

Seven centuries late the Turks would finish the job; the "Uthuman" or Ottomans would establish domain there. In Judeah the Islamic warriors commit the greatest affront to Jews since the diaspora; they build the Al-Aqsa Mosque upon the Temple Mount. It is later claimed the Muhammad ascends to heaven from the Holy City.

Jerusalem is claimed as Holy. Convert or die becomes the practice; the de facto rules of engagement, their law of peace and war. Persia, one of the longest lasting civilizations, is subdued almost without battle. Byzantine Africa is overrun. The Byzantines melt across the Mediterrainean and have lost nearly all of their landmass save southern Italy. The butchery of Byzantine territory provided Muslim scholars with a wealth of medical and mathematical knowledge as well as architechture which they would later impress upon groups of invading crusaders. Dar-al-Islam was spreading.3

Thus darkness came to descend.

In the West the forces of Islam crossed into the Visigothic kingdom of Spain. There, a fragmented Kingdom was preoccupied with battling the Basques in the North. But when word of a landing of 700 Raiders reached the young Visigoth King, he charged south with a small force and brimmed with confidence. There, upon the straits of Gibraltar (jib-al-Tariq, or rock of Tariq), the King was killed. The Arabs, with Tariq at thier head, ran circles around the force and targeted the king with brutal singlemindedness. He was killed swiftly.

It was not long after that columns of Moslems descended upon cities and butchered man, woman and child if they were resisted. Occupation was rather light, with Muslims tolerating the other major religions. The Moors, as brutal as they were, were among the most tolerant. But they did not stop with Spain. They wished to follow the concepts laid out by their theologians; there is the House of Islam and the House of War. House of Islam, it must be noted, does not mean the house of peace. Islam does not come from the Hebrew shalom as widely believed. This is an error or a lie. Islam means submission; the House of Submission is the lands under Islam. All other lands are known as the House of War; thus the warlord can justify death and destruction against enemy lands by simply envoking a divine authority. In a short time the Moors amass an army of hundreds of thousands, from many nations(like the Crusade which are much maligned) and pour into France with a great head of cavalry and infantry, crushing small disunited tribes as they advanced.

The Franks came to meet them at the Battle of Tours. They fought under Charles Martel, a man known as "the hammer" presumably because of his tactics in routing the Moslem foe. We know little of the actual battle. The clearest account possible is that the Arab's camp was laden with booty. The Franks charged this camp in a desperate bid to combat the superior numbers of the enemy. Perhaps Martel knew Islam better than we do, because the Arab army rushed to save its booty, and finding treasure much better than that pesky sixth-pillar, fled. After his resounding victory with very little loss on his side, the Frankish forces ethnically cleanse southern France. The Moors had brought a baggage train of women and children as if they intended to make their homes here; they to are put down. They are scattered into desperate bands, seeking escape from the implacable enemy to their Moorish domain. It amounts to a great slaughter, figures on the size of the army vary, as do its losses. But one fact is clear: of the large force that foolishly crossed the Pyreenes, almost none returned, including the Moorish Governor-General.

They were killed to a man.

Half-way round the world in this time, at a river in Central Asia, the Arabs met the Chinese. Unlike the Romans, who had previously traded and interchanged with China, they did not try to convert them with missionaries. Instead, at the Battle of Talas River, in 751, the Chinese were shoved out of their territory by the sword4.

In India forces under Muhmmad Qasim follow the model of Tariq, beginning a series of raids into India. Much like the historically maligned Mongols or their cousins the Huns, they began as small affairs and shape-shifted into massive invasions. Temples are burned, thousands and thousands are massacred, dozens of cities are burnt to ashes, their inhabitants forced into slavery and their females forced into sexual servitude. Qasim commands seventeen such brutal raids and ravages all before him. India is throughly violated by the barbaric forces. When Qasim begins to rule with a benevolent hand, allowing worship of Hindus; leaving the locals to themselves, he is chastised by his Sultan; Hajjaj. He is told "the great God says in the Koran [47.4]: True believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads. The above command of the Great God is a great command and must be respected and followed. You should not be so fond of showing mercy, as to nullify the virtue of the act. Henceforth grant pardon to no one of the enemy and spare none of them, or else all will consider you a weak-minded man." This becomes his standing order as the area known as the Sindh is taken.

Mahmud of Ghazni followed up with a full conquest, brutal in its own right. He commanded raid after raid, until all was subdued. Great Hindu kinds were beheaded, armies laid to ashes. India, with its many kings, failed to unite and was smashed, leading to the creation of the Dehli Sultanate.

Medieval Hindustan was a flower of civilization before the attacks and the beginning of the butchery. The Moslems could not create; no they found it far easier to destroy and absorb what was left. The Indian mathematicians were comparable to the Mayans, their sculpture and architechture was comparable to that of Rome. One of the longest lasting civilizations in the history of the world, heralded in the Vedas and Bhagavad-Gita, was met with a barabarous horde of man-locusts.

Hindus are the true creators of Algebra, later learned by the invaders and called Al-Jabr. The Muslim forces followed their prophets commands, killing all the "pagans" without mercy. Buddhists and Hindus were thrown to the winds. the Hindu king of Kabul was enslaved, thus wiping out the last non-muslim religion to come to Afghanistan. The reign of the Moghuls in India began upon rivers of "kafir" blood. Slaves, mostly Hindu, were marched toward the Sultan in Baghdad. Along the way they pass through a series of treacherous paths; now know as the Hindu Kush, meaning slaughter of the Hindu. Like a parasite, Islam had latched itself onto the former lands of Persia, Byzantium, the Visigoths and the Guptas. By the sword Islam had come to reign. It would presage more horrible things to come.

1One can point to such stories in the Holy Bible but the act is not conceived as generally as it would be considered in the Recitation.

2This act had little to do with Islam in as a religion and more to do with Byzantine oppression of religious minorites. For the scope and nature of such oppresions, see Gibbon's Decline and Fall where it is detailed in full. But one must also remember the jizya was heavy Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (p. 47-56).

3The Islamic scholars could take some knowlegde and discard the rest. The must be credtied for brining together ecclectic knowldge gleamed one must not forget, as fruits of conquest. Accounts of such discovery can be found in nearly all world history textbooks.

4This was not "Sinofied" territory, but a recent aquistion.

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Why We Must Smash the Islamo-Persian Edifice

"America must fear the nation that does not fear death" -Mojtaba Hamedani, 45, a veteran of Iran's 1980-1988 war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

A dangerous foe has risen on this new dawn after the Iraqi war: Iran. The government there lies to its people ; spits upon America and preaches hate and death. It crushes all dissent with brutal force. The nation of Iran is a serpent, slithering itself into position to bite at our exposed heels. In Iraq it plays a role of interloper; paying off clerics and spying upon our combat troops. Upwards of ten thousand Shia Clerics, forsaken by Saddam in his day, have returned to the south and began anew with Iranian checks in hand. Iraq's airwaves are dominated by Iranian propaganda. Pro-Iranian militas are also strong there. Iran also recruits suicide bombers for anti-American attacks.

Iran attaining nuclear capability would not simply be a repeat of North Korea going nuclear. North Korea is in a relatively sane neighborhood.

Iran is not.

And Iran is probably more insane than anyone in the West can imagine. Recently they called for the destruction of Israel. For all the speeches on the Holocaust one must ask whether we will be willing to stop such a move. Now is the test for us sitting pretty in the Western nations.

Iran's neighbors are the spawners of suicidal Islamic terror; they are also insane. Who is to stop Iran once they attain their dream. Israel would have to respond, with either a strike or increase in its arsenal. A nation never goes in reverse with any missile technology. The initial threat from Iran will be missiles raining down on our theater bases and allies. This will not be all. Iran will maintain and refine. Eventually they will have built or bought missiles capable of hitting our homeland. They may choose to send a Hizbullah terrorist with a nuclear device to do just the same.

When one speaks of such developments, the threat is direct. It is great and powerful, one of an expanding arms race. An Iran with nuclear arsenal will spark an arms race with Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud will do what is necessary and develop its own WMD stocks. Any country bordering Iran or under the range of its missiles(save the suicidal Russians) will do so. This will be the first in a chain of nightmares. Imagine for a moment, the death that would have come had England and Spain in the 16th century; Protestant and Catholic, possessed the ultimate weapon. This could have turned their ideological and theological wars into genocidal ones. In our times, the danger is in this: repressive Saudi Arabia has been infiltrated by al Qaeda; Saudi nukes could become Osama's. Unless the terrorist network already has them, this will be their most probable source since the Russian crackdown on Chechnya. Al Qadea with nuclear arms has the worst of all consequences. With Iran next door, Pakistan will increase its nuclear weaponry. India will follow suit. Seeing this last action as the best pretext, China will speed its nuclear build-up. Nuclear programs are likely going on under secrecy in Syria and Egypt as well. The entire House of Islam is going nuclear. The world will have no choice but to follow.

We cannot attack Iran with a limited objective, if our goal is a true peace in the Mideast. Going in half-cocked will result in a wave of destabilization. The aim of military action must be the overthrow of the Ayatollahs and their religious-political institutions. Iran must become a democracy or a militarily de-fanged anarchy. But if given the choice between an Iraq-debacle and a simple vengeance laden conquest we should choose conquest. The Iranian response to an attack will strike out in the offensive manner. They will not stand firm as many have tried; their armed forces will attack. They can strike into the eastern Saudi oil fields and possibly Iraq. The Syrians will be give a nod to pick up training and funding of terrorists to go into Iraq and attack our forces there.

A major disruption in the oil will result. Iran is in position along the Straits of Hormuz to disrupt its shipping as well. Bahrain and Qatar will be threatened. Kuwait could be invaded. Terror will rip into Israel and missiles could follow. The deadliest of Chemical and Biological weapons could strike any number of nations. Anti-Shia feeling could well up in the breasts of Sunnis and a massive war could follow, reaching out across Islamic lands and engulfing many lives. Does all of this mean action is unwise? No.

Inaction would be worse, meaning the rise of a Pan-Shia empire, the continued funding of Al-Qaeda by the regime in Tehran, continued military industrialization in Iran and the building and buying of more weapons. Iran has also promised to spread its nuclear goodies. Correct action will ensure an incisive strike and a quick victory.

The results will be resounding and swift. The mullahs hold will crack. The evil power of our time, holding sway over all Shia terrorism, will end. Iraq will be free from the threat of encroaching theocrats. Defeating Iran will defeat Syria, the Iranian junior partner in terrorizing the region. Syria has already had to pull away from Lebanon. The Syrian leader is seen as weak, and if his number one ally falls, Bashir Al-Assad will be de-legitimized.

No nation in the region will have to build or improve nuclear stocks. As Iran's hold crumbles, so shall its terrorism. Iraq's problems will lessen and the trio of terror against Israel will all but disappear. Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad will lose all state sponsors. An entire sect of Islam will be free of radicals and a proud Iranian populace could find their oft-trumpeted Persian past to be repeated in a future of liberty. If it does not find this, at least their capability to inflict Nuclear Jihad will disappear, and the West shall have one less Islamic Bomb to worry about.

Yet our President declares: "The idea that we are about to invade Iran is just ridiculous". Ridiculous Mr. Bush is it? If not an invasion then at least force the Imams to cry for peace. Let them feel the pain of their army being destroyed. It is time America proceeds to a no-nonsense offensive against our mortal Islamic enemy! Let them cry from their palaces and renounce their ambitions-enough of pitiful weeping for those who have died at the hands of terror-let us sever those hands. No! Let us destroy the body which has wielded them for over thirty years. This is my call: We must smash the Islamo-Persian edifice now!

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How to Stop the Death of Our Soldiers in Iraq

After much debate, self-questioning and political hand-wringing, I think I have come upon a solution. In terms of armoring our troops, we have tried many things, indeed everything.
We have tried steel. But it too can be penetrated.
We have tried the best mixtures of materials and even depleted uranium.
Still, the men die.
But I, with a simple application of logic, have found a better one. You see, each of the aforementioned materials has issues. The steel is in short supply. Its workers are unionized and its production slow. The depleted uranium is opposed by regulators and environmentalists alike. This raises the cost enormously, exemplified by soaring military budgets. If you are religious, you must believe, albeit begrudgingly, that it is God's will that our youth die like they do. But even this cosmic dilemma can be overcome.
My armor, perhaps to be used by individual soldiers, or , more likely, vehicles, is impervious to all of the above impediments. This new armor is to be called Armor by Politician. Immune to all codes, laws, morals, decent modes of conduct. This material will never fail under fire. Regulatory laws will never interfere with their production and strengthening. Spawned among the red-tinged leftists college and pushed swiftly through law school we have an endless supply of politicians, ready made for deployment as armor. Despite their pollute affect, our new material will not be opposed by either Greenpeace or the EPA, as it is all natural and "renewable". To avoid the Wrath of God, which some may fear is coming upon the troops, we must use this material; Politician. Chiseling down the Ten Commandments and persecuting the Judeo-Christian religion, our material has been shown to be very adept at avoiding and indeed mocking the wrath of our creator. So it is only natural that when our men ride into battle enwrapped with our invincible material; Politician, not a man shall die. If this proves to be penetrable, we shall pick a differing type of material: Corpulent Politicians. This type, best exemplified by the gelatinous mass known as Ted Kennedy, can absorb rounds and shrapnel more readily. With a thicker politician guarding our men no number of suicide bombers will get our troops. This is the way in which we can win the war on the frontline.

On the political side of the war we have a much more difficult task. We seek to spread democracy in the hope of pacifying the Moslem Arab with freedom. This is the wrong approach. It will just bring scum to power. Instead, their diseased body politic must be injected with the idea of Civil Liberties. Not just your regular civil liberties, as would be found in our glorious constitution, but the idea of civil liberties at the expense of all else. Once this idea has taken hold, through domination of the media by our like minded Civil Libertarians, we could strike our decisive blow. We will need the best of the best to form a new force, a new force capable of the most heinous sabotage. Pulled from the halls of Harvard Law, Yale, Columbia, and NYU we shall form the 1st ACLU Parachute Division. Some conservatives have argued that we must deport the ACLU for our own safety. I agree, for it is only they who can save us from Islam. Complete with a pound a day marijuana rations and hand radio we could drop in the first groups. These men and women would hide behind every rock and precipice and when Allah was mentioned outside of mosque they would leap in great agitation, advancing in a horde to file lawsuit after lawsuit. We would drop more and more, and eventually take hold among a small number of Arabs; then more and more, until a fifth column emerges. They would start anew with each set of reinforcements, taking their cases to the highest monarch and mullah, arguing with great veracity and such conviction that the Moslem would think them djinn or agents of Iblis and recoil in horror. With letters of a long dead Persian Satrap or Ottoman Sultan calling for separation between mosque and state they would assail every theologian and one lawsuit by one lawsuit chisel away at the edifice of Islam.

These two plans are crucial for the war against terror. I urge you to call your representatives and have them pressure Mr. Bush to implement these plans; for only the politicians and lawyers can save us.

More of Allah's love

These are various quotes from Craig Winn's Prophet of Doom. I highly recommend reading it. Any concerned American, of any non-Muslim with an interest in survival should heed the lessons therein....

When Umm Salama,
the wife with whom der prophet was being intimate, heard that Abu had been
forgiven, she asked, “‘Can I give him the good news?’ He said yes, so she went and
stood at the door of her room and said, ‘O Lubaba, rejoice, for Allah has forgiven you.’”

Bukhari:V5B59N448 “Sa’d said, ‘O Allah! You know that
there is nothing more beloved to me than to fight in Your Cause against those who disbelieve
Your Apostle. O Allah! I think you have put to an end the fight between us and the infidels.
But if there still remains any fight with the infidels, then keep me alive till I fight
against them for Your sake.’” Sa’d was hardly a saint.

Ishaq:463/Tabari VIII:34 “When Sa’d reached the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims, the
Prophet said, ‘Arise and go to your master and help him dismount.’ Then Muhammad said,
‘Pass judgment on them.’ Sa’d replied, ‘I pass judgment that their men shall be killed,
their women and children made captives, and their property divided.’ Allah’s Apostle proclaimed,
‘You have passed judgment on the Jews with the judgment of Allah and the judgment
of His Messenger.’”

B59N447 “Sa’d came riding a donkey, and when he approached the mosque, the Prophet
said, ‘Get up for the best amongst you.’ Then the Apostle said, ‘O Sa’d! These people have
agreed to accept your verdict.’ Sa’d said, ‘I judge that their men should be killed and their
offspring and women should be taken as captives.’ The Prophet said, ‘You have given a
judgment similar to Allah the King’s Judgment.’” A second reveals: Bukhari:V5B59N448
“They then surrendered to the Prophet’s judgment but he directed them to Sa’d to give the
verdict. Sad said, ‘I give my judgment that their men should be killed, their women and
children should be taken as captives, and their properties distributed.’” A third proclaims:
Bukhari:V5B59N362 “The Nadir and Qurayza violated their peace treaty, so the
Prophet exiled the Nadir and then he killed the Qurayza men. He distributed their women,
children and property among the Muslims.”

Bukhari:V5B59N459“I entered the
Mosque, saw Abu, sat beside him and asked about sex. Abu Said said, ‘We went out with
Allah’s Apostle and we received female slaves from among the captives. We desired
women and we loved to do coitus interruptus.’”

But it’s worse than it appears on the surface. Since it was Muhammad who
actually perpetrated these crimes, it confirms that Muhammad was Allah.
Allah was never anything more than a rock idol, the Black Stone stuck in the
wall of the Ka’aba. Muhammad created his persona and his revelations. And
that is why Muhammad’s personality, character, behavior, and words are
identical to Allah’s. But Muhammad had help. Lucifer, just as Paul had
warned, transformed himself into an angel of light. Pretending to be Gabriel,
he struck a bargain with the insecure and covetous Arab. In the exchange,
Muhammad was possessed by Lucifer’s most able demon. Working together,
the Unholy Trinity established the religion of deceit, death, and damnation.
Muhammad’s behavior was covetous, ruthless, and murderous to be sure.
Yet attributing this debauchery to deity was his most vile act. Men have plundered
before. Men have robbed before. Men have murdered before. But no
“god” has ever said: “‘God’ drove the unbelievers back in fury, and they gained no
advantage. Allah was sufficient to help the believers in battle. He made the People of the
Book descend from their homes, and He terrorized them, so that you killed some and
made many captive. And He made you inherit their property, homes, wealth, and a country
you had not trodden under foot before.”

And this was the result: Tabari VIII:35/Ishaq:464 “The Jews were made to come down,
and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace
of Medina (it is still its marketplace today), and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the
Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in
batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.”

“As they were being taken
in small groups to the Prophet, they said to one another, ‘What do you think will be done
to us?’ Someone said, ‘Do you not understand. On each occasion do you not see that the
summoner never stops? He does not discharge anyone. And that those who are taken
away do not come back. By God, it is death!’ The affair continued until the Messenger of
Allah had finished with them all.” If 900 men and boys were dragged out of their
imprisonment in “batches” and led into the central market square of Medina
to be beheaded in front of Muhammad, the “affair” would have lasted eight
to ten hours. Imagine a “prophet” perverted enough to watch until he had
“finished with them all.”

Psychologists call this a “gallows laugh.” It’s a common
manifestation of extreme stress. So while the reaction of the Jewish woman
is excused, the behavior of the Muslim men is not. They were forcing
Qurayza women to watch as they severed the heads of their fathers, husbands,
brothers, and sons.

Why lots, you may be wondering?
Casting lots is a gambling game, one expressly forbidden by Islam. The
reason is two fold. First, the religion of Islam was a joke to these fellows.
They simply used it as a tool to justify their disgusting behavior. The first
Muslims were less religious than Hitler’s S.S. Second, the mercenaries needed
a picking order in which to draft Jewish homes, property, businesses, women,
and children. Muhammad didn’t want them squabbling. Some sex slaves
were prettier than others.

Tabari VIII:38 “The Prophet
selected for himself from among the Jewish women of the Qurayza, Rayhanah bt. Amr. She
became his concubine. When he predeceased her, she was still in his possession. When
the Messenger of Allah took her as a captive, she showed herself averse to Islam and
insisted on Judaism.” Imagine the horror of being the sex slave of the man who
had murdered your father and your brothers. Imagine being forced to have
sex with a man who had given your mother up to be raped and had sold your
sisters into slavery to buy swords so that he could torment others. It’s chilling—
perversity on an unimaginable scale. Muhammad may well have been
the most vile human to have ever lived.

Ishaq:466 “Allah sent down [a Qur’an surah] concerning the Trench and Qurayza raid. The
account is found in the Confederates or Allied Troops. In it He mentions their trial and His
kindness to the Muslims. ‘Remember We sent a wind against the armies and they could
not see. Allah sent this wind with his angels. Allah said, When they came at you from above
and below, and when eyes grew wild and hearts reached your throats, you harbored doubts
about Allah. Those in whose hearts is a disease said, ‘What Allah and His Messenger has
promised us is nothing but delusion.’’”
Before I comment, let’s read on: Ishaq:467 “Allah addressed the believers and said,
‘In Allah’s Apostle you have a fine example for anyone who hopes to be in the place where
Allah is.’” Ishaq:468 “Then Allah said, ‘Some of you have fulfilled your vow to Me by dying;
you have finished your work and returned to Me like those who sought martyrdom in prior
battles. And some of you are still waiting to capitalize on Allah’s promise of martyrdom.
You do not hesitate in your religion and never doubt.’” Ishaq:468 “Allah brought down the
People of the Scripture Book. I forced the Qurayza from their homes and cast terror into
their hearts. Some you slew, and some you took captive. You killed their men and enslaved
their women and children. And I caused you to inherit their land, their dwellings, and their
property. Allah can do all things.’”

Ishaq:468 “Gabriel came to the
Apostle when Sa’d was taken. He visited him in the middle of the night wearing an embroidered
turban and said, ‘O Muhammad, who is this dead man for whom the doors of heaven
have been opened and at whom the throne shook?’” Since Gabriel is “credited” with
revealing the Qur’an to Muhammad, it’s odd that he would need to ask the
“messenger” about something that happened in heaven. And Sa’d was a thug,
a man who loved to kill. He was a racist and a thief. If these behaviors rock
Allah’s throne, the Islamic god is a rather nasty fellow.
Ishaq:468 “Sa’d was a fat man but those who carried his funeral bier said that they had
never carried a lighter one. Muhammad said, ‘He had angelic pallbearers because the
angels rejoiced when Sa’d’s spirit shook Allah’s throne.’” Ishaq:469 “An Ansar recited this
poem: ‘The throne of Allah shook for only one man: Sa’d the brave and bold, a glorious
leader, a knight ever ready. Stepping into the battle, he cut heads to pieces.” Saint Sa’d,
a genuine Muslim hero. Ishaq:469 “The Apostle said, ‘Every wailing woman lies except
those who wept for Sa’d.’” Tabari VIII:40 “Aisha, the Mother of the Faithful, was asked, ‘How
did the Messenger of God behave?’ She replied, ‘His eye did not weep for anyone.’” Der
prophet and der fuhrer were cut from the same cloth.
Ishaq:469 “On the day the Qurayza were slain, one Muslim was martyred. A stone was
thrown on him and it inflicted a shattering wound. The Apostle said, ‘He will have the
reward of two martyrs.’” In Islam you get bonus points for killing, robbing, and
enslaving Jews

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just when you thought they couldn't get any dumber

Photos and text courtesy of Jihadwatch.

I wasn't going to post today. No, I was going to do some algebra and work on publishing my book. That is what I intended to do when my body first found its home on my chair in front of the Computer. Silly, silly me. I log into internet explorer to begin my online course work. Jihad watch is my homepage. Now I had seen this BK Cone thing before, but curiosity drove my eyes doward. Woe is me! Therein I read, a poor man was offended.
Now for the sake of my readers, I will not name the man who is the source of all this absurdity. We will define him as the Moron. He is a British Muslim. I'm sure he cant wait to establish that wonderful tolerant Caliphlate that scholars always tell us of. Here are his quotes, with my commentary inbetween. Each quote must have commentary, you see, because such stupidity must be examined, lest it overcome you with its asinine quality. My commentary, sorely needed, is in italics.

It begins thus:

"The Enlightenment happened at half past 12 a.m. in Burger King, Park Royal. I had ordered my food, and a French guy got talking to me and asked, “Are you Muslim?” He said, “Look at this,” and he showed me the cone. I saw it and I thought, “Wow,” like anyone would. He said, “Turn it around.”

Unfortunantley for our moronic friend this is the only Enlightenment he will ever have. Now, read that paragraph again. Sit and ponder the inane moronic nature of the Moron's words. Yes, ponder. Reflect. Perhaps this will threaten your belief in human nature or God, or both. I know. It is painful. But sometimes the trth really does hurt. Dumb spoke to dumber and showed him the Allah Ice Cream. Dumber concurred with Dumb.
Then they proceeded, instead of stepping in front of a bus or some other action which would benefit mankind, to spread thier idiocy.

"I was thinking of my stomach. I was hungry. I would have loved to eat an ice cream. When I saw it, my mouth fell open. I dropped the ice cream. I canceled my order. That was the defining moment of my life."

Keep in mind, while your intellect ponders the nature of the Moron's mind, that the moron is a Brit. He is supposed to be a higher form of his cousin Akmed in Iraq or Abdallah in Syria. These people are supposed to have the intelligence to vote and form a modern state.....

"The Burger King logo is there in Arabic. “Allah” is spelled exactly how it is there, and the Burger King logo is where the ominah should be. Why, there is no way it could be a coincidence. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? How does it spin on something that is static? You cannot spin it around unless you have a mechanical device. You spin it one direction, to the right, and it is offending a billion people."

The stupidty could have stopped. At this point, it should have stopped. By God, is there no order left in the cosmos, because it did not stop! At this point, if the stupidty is threatening to overcome you, step away from the computer. If you chose to continue, stop and glance at the pictures at the beginning of this post. Examine the Arabic script on one side and compare it to the image of the ice cream. There are some similarities. But they are clearly no the same. This begs the next question. If you and I can see that, and we do not speak Arabic, what is keeping the Moron from knowing it? Perhaps he is just sensitive. Maybe he is a lesser man in some way which we cannot ever know. Next he proceeds to give us an account of the Mechnics of Swirling Ice Cream. Quite a feat. He offers some aesthic commentary. Well spoken from a member of a culture known for its great paintings. And we are supposed to believe his ancestors invented Algebra and not the Hindus.....

"I’m not talking about Muslims in the Park Royal vicinity, or in the U.K. I’m talking about globally. Everyone who sees this is going to be offended. If you put a different symbol on there, you’re offending Jews, Christians, Sikhs, or Hindus. I am going to try my best in life, so that these people do not operate in a single Muslim country again, so that we get an apology to every single Muslim on this planet in their language, in their country, on a national TV station: “Sorry. We, as an American company, are sorry. We didn’t mean to offend you."

And naturally Islam has never offended the Jews. Why that mosque on the Temple Mount is nothing! It has never done anything to insult the Christians. Why the raiding of St. Peters bascillica was nothing! And the centuries of killing Sikhs was nothing! And I am sure they worked hard not to offend the Hindus. Why sixty million slaughtered is not offensive at all!

"What angers me most is that most people, once they have finished with it, they look at it and say, “Nice cone. Nice design. Nice cone design.” They chuck it away. That is disrespectful. Don’t throw it away. Keep it as evidence. A reminder of what these people are doing every single day of our lives.

We showed this to Muslim customers in Burger King and they were disgusted. We went to the manager. “Is this true?” we asked. He said, “Yes, my brother. It is true.” I spoke to two other Pakistani Muslim guys there and they said, “We are sickened.” They were cussing Burger King.

I feel humiliated. I want to humiliate the person who did this to an extent that he never works again. I’m going to make him see that it was the biggest mistake in his life. I want to meet the guy. I want to ask the guy, “What does this mean to you?” then never see his face again."

I am beginning to feel like the stupidity oozing from those words is so highly offensive to a reasonable man that this Moron should apologize. This man should do penance. This man, nay, this Higher Bacteria, is one day going to breed. This is the true humilation, the blot upon all man. I will have to ask the Almighty when I get the chance, "Lord, I realize your wisdom is infinite. I beseech thee, why hath you turned thy face from the accursed foolery of that Son of Ishmael? Why, Lord my God, hath you created a Bach, but then allowed this thing to go forth out of the womb? o lord God! What hath makind wrought to deserve such a scourge upon the mind?"

"In a way, I’m glad he did this to me. It has opened my eyes. The fear of God, the love of God, the love of not letting anyone disrespect God. Even though it means nothing to some people and may mean nothing to some Muslims in this country, this is my jihad. I’m not going to rest until I find the person who is responsible. I’m going to bring this country down"

Naturally Allah is all about Love. Why wasn't his prophet a loving man?

"The Infidels will taste the torment of Hell. So when you meet them in battle do not retreat,
for all who turn away from fighting will bring the wrath of Allah on themselves and their
abode will be Hell. It was not you who killed them, but Allah who did so. You did not throw
what you threw. Allah did to bring out the best in the faithful.”

“Our terror came unto them while they slept."

What a loving act. Why terror, I am sure, is better than sleep. After all, how can one experience the love of Allah while asleep.

More of Allah's love:

"Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive) and besiege them and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor due, then leave their way. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (SUrah 9, Ayats 5)

O ye who believe! Choose not for friends People of the Book and of the disbelievers. But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believers. (5.57)

O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. (5.51)

And if you are killed or die in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all that they (rich infidels) amass." (Sura 3:157)
Doesn't this make you see the love of Allah? The love of Allah, what a great thing. Jihad is only love. I am sure the Moron, the Higher Bacteria, is really just reaching out in a loving way. The points of swords and barrells of guns; those are just signs of love. Us silly westerners have to come to appreciate the love of Allah. Is not the love of allah seeping forth in warmth from the computer screen? Is not that love so great that you would wish for your children to become Muslims so that they to may give and take in the wonderful, blissful love of Allah? Is not that radiance so great that you wish to waltz into a mosque and bask in the loving words of an Imam? In fact allah has so much love, that I am sure we will get much more of it. Allah's love is simply uncontainable.....

More on Allah's lovingkindess later.....


Folks, we know the world is in dire straights. We know Islam is taking over the world(well after this I am sure many are far less afraid of the enemy). We might as well have a good laugh at them!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Islamo-Hitler Gets A New Toy

Isn't the peaceful nature of Islam simply wonderful?

Islamo-Hitler in Iran has just announced that he has a new weapon, a missile with a longer range.

The Hitler monkey has threatened war over and over again. Who else has had it with his antics? Who else is tired of the monkey's screeching and occasional flinging of poop?

Luckily Hitler version two does not have all of his bugs worked out. Hitler version one never worked very well, so it is puzzling why a version two was necessary. It is clear to me, and anyone else with a brain, that the monkey Hitler is a bit too eager to harass the visitors to the zoo. Claiming to see lights from Allah at the U.N. is bad enough. Threatening to destroy us is far worse. Demanding the Jews be destroyed, terrible. Forcing them to wear a star badge- now the Htiler monkey is flinging too much poo. (This badge of course has a long Islamc history, stretching back to the Caliphs) But no matter.

We all knew Hitler would be punished somehow, but to go from leader of Germany to monkey Hitler in a few rebirths- this is bad karma. Better he have the fate depicted in Little Nicky. We were all expecting jackboots and gray uniforms and the like, but instead we get this. This is simply disappointing. I object!

The Hitler monkey continues to bare his teeth, spit and spew excrement on the poor visitiors to the zoo. Little does he know he will soon be put down. Poor, poor little monkey. It only remains for the zoo-keepers to get their act together and take the necessary steps. Bad enough the monkey soils his own cage, but his mess is spreading to others. We must put him out of business, lest the other animals in the zoo learn from his example.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If Only the Brave Senate Would Heed This........

This is an article which I wrote and never did anything with...

There are many woes which we have to deal with in these complex times. The influx of illegal immigrants, most from Mexico, are one such woe. Illegal immigration is inevitable under the circumstances that prevail along the border. There is simple economic logic for those coming to our border: our jobs pay well compared to those jobs available at home. They break the law to get here; emboldened by an effeminate block of leaders incapable of tough decisions, preferring cheap labor to a secure nation. The illegal is running not only because of economics, but from corruption of his government in Mexico. In most places along our southern Border no sign of a physical barrier actually exists. So what is to keep the 50% of Mexicans wishing to live and work here from flooding across the border and burying our nation in a sea of disaffected humanity?

The answer to this rhetorical question is obviously nothing from Mexico or the United States. One of the basic motivations of the American political leadership in seeing the teeming millions come across the border is related to receiving these illegal immigrants votes. This crass political consideration used to be only true of the democrats. But years of Republican leadership has made no difference.

The Mexican Government has two basic considerations:

1)La Reconquista- to "Reconquer" lost lands (actually it was the Spanish who conquered it, and the Mexicans who sold it and never defended it)

2)To avoid revolution by their own people by exporting as many able-bodied and poor unemployed men as possible.

Our companies, amoral as ever, continue to hire illegals instead of American workers. Many have come to accept this problem and see neither it nor the solution. There has been a little progress on this issue on our side of the border. States of emergency have been declared. The pro-security movement is having affect. But these are only steps toward the issues resolution. But what has brought this on? We will have to look back to the Mexican-American War. This was war which started under a cloud of suspicion. Many claim it was staged. There was an incident along the Rio Grande and the war was on. Mexico had the better army; professional, motivated and fighting on its own ground against the small ragtag American units. Nonetheless, there were many battles and America won everyone. Eventually our army fought to a stalemate with its supplies running low. The commanders did what every good commander does in a war; outflank the stalemate, this one by landing at Veracruz and then moving to take Mexico City. Concurrently to this a revolt erupted in Northern California and American columns marched unopposed into this area and New Mexico/Arizona. Victory should have come at this point. But for an agonizing time it did not. Deep in Mexico American troops were outnumbered and things got very ugly, with guerillas harassing our long supply routes. This is similar to the story we hear when reading of great insurgencies and their victories. Mexican politicians even refused to negotiate. But then came a novel offer: we will pay you for the land we just conquered. This type of crisis has led many nations into greatness. Not so Mexico. It took the $15 million and refused to fight.

Interestingly enough, less Mexicans lived there when it was Mexican territorty than they did when it became part of the states. The facts are not on the side of those calling of Reconquista. But let that not trouble those who wish to tread down the Nazi path with a different shade of skin.

America took a desert and turned it into a paradise, a place worth living in and a place where one could have fair shake at life. Hence, large numbers of Mexican-Americans settled and now make up a great and productive portion of society. Mexico, though blessed with resources, has not wavered fro its path of kleptocracy. Instead, it pins its hopes on seizing the land of the Southwest through mass-migration. You see, according to a group known as "The Race", there was once an ancient land inhabited by a superior people, now unjustly occupied by an inferior race. Now this group, the race, surely you say, is to be shut down, or watched closely. Surely this new Nazi group cannot continue. Nazi group? Hardly, it is "La Raza" with one of its former members serving as our Attorney General. But I do not believe, if proper steps are taken, this aim of Reconquista will succeed. For people to accept a new slavery under the Mexican oligarchs seems insane. And it is. La Reconquista would be an act of plunging back into poverty, dirt roads and lessened rights. La Raza's myths of Aztlan must be exposed to a greater audience as myths. The danger of such beliefs, so similar to those held by our great friend Herr Hitler must be sent out to the general public.

The principle cost of illegal immigrations is economic, with some notable social aspects. Mexico suffers as well, as it will never change its ways as long as we allow it to dump its poor on us. The true humanitarian thing we can do for the nation of Mexico it to strengthen our border with her, so that a change is forced upon Mexico, leading to greater prosperity there. What is by far the worst policy is to coddle the lawbreaking illegals, to encourage such migration, and to let the criminal exploiters on both sides of the Rio to get away with it.

But the border with Mexico has a log history of being insecure. For many years it has been silent. There were great stretches of time when nothing would be seen there except the occasion passing of caravans north to south and south to north. But this calm has been punctuated by black periods of great violence. The immigration of Mexicans north did not being in earnest until Americans headed west and settled, brining economic boom which attracted Mexicans, Irishmen, and Chinese alike. The first black period of our border would be prior to World War One when America came within a few steps of a a Second Mexican-American War with the Huerta Government. Lawless bands had taken hold on the border, the most famous of which was Pancho Villa's. Troops were dispatched to deal with him and others, although Villia was never caught. These troops eventually left for Europe, but came back after the war; staying until Germany found it again necessary to commit insanities. As World War Two came the country was mobilized. Most able-bodied farm workers were off to war but America could not travel. So a guest worker program began; Mexico could send a few hundred thousand poor men to do farm work and America could therefore build its massive war machine to crush the Axis.

This worked only because of a calmer border. Later, and due to another myriad of reasons, the narcotics trade began in earnest. With General Eisenhower in office; a man of action and resolution unseen in today's politics, this situation was not continued. There was a crackdown: Operation Wetback, to deport and flush out the illegal immigrants. It worked, but as security lessened the illegals returned. In the 1960s, the Guest Worker Program that had been so successful in the Second World War(with a secure border) was killed. Combined with a sweeping liberalization of immigration laws and policy in general, this period set the stage for the current situation.

The truth of our economic situation must be set straight. Despite growth, and tax cuts, our economy is in terrible straits. Our growth is downright sluggish compared to the rising nations. Illegal immigration can now be counted with outsourcing as bringing about the encircling and killing of the middle class. These illegals exacerbate the economic problem of this increasingly divide and indecisive nation.


Contrary to a great number of myths, illegal immigrants from Mexico contribute next to nothing to our economy and send the loin's share home to their families in Mexico. Most pay no taxes, not even payroll taxes, as they are paid in cash. Many become victims of crime because of thier cash heavy income. Most receive healthcare and other benefits at government expense. This system of the nanny state; the string of entitlements, shaky to begin with, it about to be tipped by this forcer of illegal immigration. The benefits of being a citizen seem to have gone to all, even non-citizens. Then why have citizenship at all? If billions are spent on those go have made no attempt to integrate, then why would these non-integrated individuals try. What is in it for them? Be aware, for the Left has a talent for division and derision. It has made good with this tactic before. Do not put it past them to speak of "La Reconquista“ as good. Give them the rope and they will hang us with it. Even while spitting upon Catholic values and the patriotism of many Hispanic Americans they already claim to "represent", the oppressed. They would gladly preach to illegals and new Americans about our real or foggily perceived past wrongs. A communist, infected and racist Fifth Column could arise with the intent to carry out a splitting of America could face such a crisis in the future and its ill-affect will not just touch one color of our people. Serious racial and social tensions are developing in the Southwest. This coming tension will bring to fruition the consequences of a pretentious leadership which has put the protection of America behind that of their fear. They fear a short term disruption of the economy and the word "racist" that many would throw their way. This illegal immigration hurts everyone. It hurts the Americans put out of work, regardless of their skin color. Economic stagnation and invisible wage ceilings have no preference either. It hurts the illegal immigrant who could very well be fired before his pay comes due. It hurts their communities who are isolated and fall victim to a substantial criminal element. It also keeps people with a different language and culture was a permanent underclass. Who says slavery was abolished? And thanks to groups like La Raza it threatens the social fabric itself. It threatens the weakest sectors of the American economy: education and healthcare. It also creates a net loss. We will pay dearly in the long run it something is not done.

Of all the solutions thrown about; deportation, amnesty, or a change in law, none will matter without a secure border. Without it all else fails to solve the actual problem: the massive influx of people sent as a gracious gift from our good kleptocratic neighbors to the south. The Southern border, with its great lawlessness and influx of crossings, must be treated as defensive zone. A fence, national guard, a forward trench to prevent crossing, overflights by helicopter and whatever assets are available, an increased national border patrol, deputized milita units and increased surveillance technology must all be used to fend off the pell mell rush of humanity across it. Only then will those young men, full of spirit enough to seek opportunity so far from home, turn round and demand opportunity from their own government. Then we can have a southern neighbor with something to export other than poverty.

Monday, May 22, 2006


How long until America unleashes the dogs of war to eradicate the Marxist infestation of Hugo Chavez? This collectivist invertibrate would like to take us back to the days of the cold war. He has backers in China and neighboring nations. But he must go. Lets do it, well, secretly. The guys in the SEALS need something to do....

The fact that it must be secret gives me some hope. Perhaps it is happening already

Hopefull the new CIA director has some plans. Just a thought.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A break...

I will be pulling away from blogging for the most part. I will still post, but I do not have a T.V. where I am visiting in Texas. It is a bit of a relief actually, but my source of inspiration is gone. This area is also devoid of much-needed talk-radio stations. I will still post. So stay tuned, whoever is out there. I shall return, and when I do, I will expand the focus of the blog into areas other than politics.

-Brandon Stanley

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Immigration is a Problem

In my title I have not made the distinction between legal and illegal immigrations. It matters not whether the said immigrants are from the middle east, asia, or mexico; they all become burdens once they hit our shores. Our immigration system, currently designed, benefits no one, not even the immigrant.

Immigration is only good if it is restrained, productive, and assimilative. Today in America immigration is neither.

First, there is a proliferation within the United States of groups representing "immigrants" as a special class. Some groups also trumpet the immigrants' culture as superior. This of course is the result of Multiculturalism and egalitarianism. The immigrant has no desire to become American, and if they do, what is to push them? Many illegal immigrants have more rights than Americans. A case in point would be the granting of in-state tuition to studnts whose parents are illegal. The also receive de-facto free medical care, at tax-payer expense. Immigrant pressure groups also operate within America, made of recent immigrants or newly minted self-hating Americans. La Raza, Mecha, and CAIR would be examples of these.

Second, many cities are now becoming wholly immmigrant. This is a real danger of mass migration. Even our legal immigration system is a mass migration system. Illegal immigration is only one leg of the terrible beast which is immigration in America.

Third, the policy of "Asylum" is being used by Muslims(and was used by the 9-11 Hijackers) to immigrate into America. The Gothic Peoples who overran the Roman Empire entered starving, and begged to be let into the Roman lands. Once they were in they eventually sacked Rome. A clear enough lesson for men with eyes who can see and men with ears who can hear!

Fourth, baby-chain immigration allows anyone, regardless of loyalty, to simply waltz in and have a baby. That baby is an American. A good policy when the nation had a great sweeping plain to be settled; bad policy today. The child does not even have to have an American parent. This is insane.

Fifth, money sent home by illegals never has to go into the American system. It does not beneift the consumer economy. Nor is the true cost of the immigrant to the American system ever paid-in-full by taxes upon their labor. Most will never pay the income tax, and for those without false social security numbers, they pay no tax at all to the federal government they suck dry.

Sixth, entire industries, such as the roofing industry, are swarmed by illegals and taken over. This is undercutting our young and uneducated American workforce and will lead to higher unemployment and welfare enrollments.

Seventh, Quotas have been removed from undeveloped, diseased and utterly backward foreign nations. Even nations, such as Egypt, who clearly hate the United States, are considered equally with, lets say, a Sweden. This should be the end of the insanity. But no.

Eight, a horde of poor is comming to our shores. A horde of unskilled has already arrived. These workers are the majority of immigrants, as opposed to the wealthy and skilled.

Ninth, both borders are largely unguarded. While 6k troops are a good start; they are not enough to cover the Southern border alone. The Northern border is by no means safe. Let us not forget the terrorist groups and terrorist sponsors which find a warm home in waste of Canada.

Lastly, large portions of the United states, such as L.A. and Southern Texas, are practically under a reign of terror imposed by immigrant criminal groups.

These are the problems with immigration. Any true "Immigration Reform" would solve them. We are long past needing bandaids. This is no scrape, but a terminal disease requiring a major operation ...............

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Democratic plan for '06

For the benefit of those who think that no Democrat plan for '06 exists:

A simple ten-point plan:
1.Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes
2.A heavy progressive or graduated income tax
3.Abolition to all right of inheritence
4.Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels
5.Centralization of credit in the hands of the state
6.Centralization of all means of transport and communication in the hands of the state
7.Extension of factories and insturments of production owned by the state
8.Equal liability of all labor. Establishment of industrial armies.
9.Gradual disrubution of population over town and country.
10Free education for all children in public schools. Combination of education with industrial production...ect.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pat Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy had a run in with some traffic barriers last week-

Turns out he was headed to vote-

and he was on, well, drugs.....

For many months now we have all been wondering just why our government has thrown itself into anarchy and schizophrenia.

-now no one has any reason to ask why

Thank you Patrick Kennedy for claming our hearts with the ray of truth you are sending upon contemporary politics. The drug addict of Massacusetts is a known slave to his passions. He has had many run-ins with the law. Ted Kennedy could leave a woman to drown and still be re-elected, so one should not expect any more from the lovely people in Massacussets.

We know the Civil War settled the question of whther a state could pull-out of the union, but is there any chance of a state being thrown out?

Something to be looked into.

And the game moved on. We are to believe the pack of criminals with a D next to their name are better than some with an R. November is an intelligence test folks. If you morons march out and put the Democrats in power based on "I hate Bush"......Woe to you.

We have enough Patrick Kennedy's in the House. Let us restrict our moron population in congress.


Russian Foreign Minister says: "A new cold war".

What is going on with the world? After the cold war that-never-should have been, America and Russia should have been natural allies. Do not agree? Ivan comming over the hill you say?

Russia is de-populated in the East and Chinese workers have moved into fill the gap

Russia is developing a market economy bit by bit

Russia is best by the war in Chenchnya which has spread to three other provinces, and terrorism has claimed many in Russia.

What is keeping Russia and America from becoming allies?

On many accounts Russia has a crony capitalism. By its foreign policy, which runs upon envy of America, one can see that its rulers care for little. They would rather ally wih China, and feed the dragon so that it may be turned on America, than stop the Chinese from seizing Siberia.

For our part, our politicans have condemned the war in Chechnya. Like the war in Bosnia, we are siding with the enemy for no other purpose than a convoluted morality whereby we must stick our nose into the internal affairs of all countries, irrespecive of thier position towards us, to stop "genocide". Thus we alienate Russia. Mr. Bush should be glad that Chechnya lays defeated. The less Chechens the better. Their only claim to fame is deal out Islamic death to others, so let them pass into death as a people. They are not worth ruining any possible rapproachment with Russia.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iran Nukes.....

A few days back Iran made two moves:

1) It has threatened to spread its nuclear technology to other Islamic nations

2)It has sent a letter to President Bush with the looks of a peace feeler.

Every leftist hack in the nation will cry "Peace! Peace" when there is nothing but war. This will further divide America. The Iranians must be taken seriously on the first point.

Bush is fiddling while Iran is atom-splitting.

Instead we are told again and again about how we must "proceed cautiously", or worse yet "we respect and value Iranian culture". The message to Washington should be clear: stop the garbage about telling us we are going to struck by terrorists. Attack the enemy in his land and sweep him aside. The last time Persia was anything to be feared it was Zoroastrian. A little less U.N and a little more Alexander please!

Friday, May 05, 2006

On the Verdict

After the Moussaui verdict, I must say I am shocked. Turns out he was an abused boy. And he suffered discrimination as a Muslim "Frenchmen".

I can just imagaine a simliar scenario...

TODAY the verdict of the Hitler/Stalin Genocide trail has come in. It turns out that the defense was able to sway jurors with tales of Hitler's abusive father and repressed homosexual tendency. Stalin's defense team was able to explain away his liqidation of Christians by pointing to his Mother's rigid religion. Also, evidence of abuse by his teachers in his seminary years were brought forth...

9 out of 12 also stated that they were sympathetic to Hitler's hatred of Jews because the defense was able to explain that his abusive step-father was of mixed Jewsih extraction.

One juror even states:

"The evidence of Hitler's latent Bipolarity swayed my decision not to give him the death penalty. Even with the mass-murders, he was mentally ill...and as such he needs to be treated as a patient and not a criminal"

Hitler and Stalin were both given life sentences for their crimes against humanity.

Thank God America was not yet stupified during the second world war.

More on Pakistan

Pakistan represents normative Islam in our time. Pakistan's normative Islam is Muhammadeanism-lite. As such it cannot completely disavow the genocidal jihadist. Its leaders, at least in public, have said that such violence has "a root cause". What root cause is this?

Why of course, the Jews.

It is said by Pakistani officals, and other Islamics, that the Untied states is incurring the wrath of Indonesians, Uzbeks, European converts, and all Muslims generally because we "favor" Israel. I don't know how a nation shows this "favoring", but it certainly does not show it by demanding a nation evacuate a portion of its territory such as the United States demands of Israel. The United States does have relations with Israel, as any sovereign nation would get. By that yardstick the United States could be accused of favoring the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
(Who we had relations with, including annual grain exports, yet demanded they stop interfering in other nations).

Israel does receive masses of foreign aid. But so does Egypt, an avowed "Arab nationalist" state which has brutally suppressed the Copts. So does the U.A.E. which does not even allow a Jew to step foot on its shore. The United States clearly does not favor Israel.

The Root cause of Islamic terror is Muhammad and the massive parts of his preaching which lead to violence and desolation. This is what needs to be dealt with by Muslims, not Israel. If Israel disappeared tomorrow the Jihadis wolud just use the newly cleanesed "judenfrei" Palestine as a base for operations against Europe. The Muslim would find other reasons to try to kill us. It is, unfortunately, all he knows how to do.

The Pakistani President shows the Islamic rot which has hold of even the moderate Muslim when he appeals to his nations for peace on the basis that, "We are all Muslims".

The large minority of Christians in Pakistan must simply be an unfortunate fact.

Currently Pakistani forces in the Western Reigons are fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban in what amounts to a low-intensity coflict, or guerilla war.

America, instead of invading the lawless and medieval reigion, is depending upon the Pakistani military to hold down the enemy. Now the problem here is that Pakistan will not eradicate these lawless tribes. If it did so, or began to do so, international outcry would erupt. Pakistan could also rupture into many nations, with each of its ethnic groups vying for control. Of course the last scenario of a "Pakistan Imploded" is inevitable. We must thank the British once again for their well-known pension for drawing the borders of nations with no cocern about how many different warring factions will be forced into one country.

Pakistan is dispensing American dollars to the tribesmen.

Thats right folks, your tax-dollars, fed to Al-Qadea sympathisers.

So much for punishing those responsible. I guess after Pearl Harbor America should have dispensed aid the Japan. After all, such violent attacks against sovereign nations must be caused by poverty and backwardness.

Foreign aid represents Socialism. It will no beter fix any of the real problems of Pakistan than the "Great Society" programs fixed any of America's social problems. It is as much as an "ally buying" program as pork-barrel is votte buying.

Since when did the Western Tribal Reigions become the 51st state? Thats right, attack America and we will pay you. Sounds a bit like the maifa, or worse yet dhimmitude.

This is the linchpin of America's current anti-Terror strategy, right in the heart of the enrmies territory. These are those crucial "Supplemental Spending" dollars at work. Perhaps it would be better(certainly more honest) to dispense with all the modern gobbley-gook about foreign aid, supplementals, poverty, and the like-and just alot them a special protion of the budget and call it TRIBUTE..........

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Solution to Welfare?

This is a bit unrelated to today's news. But why has the subsidising of charities never been brought up as a way to defer welfare costs?

It could end up saving the taxpayers alot of money. Firstly, charities operate far cheaper than Uncle Sam. Secondly, through the growth in community outreach that would occur, the government could retreat from the sphere of nanny-statism.

The American government subsidises and even creates corporations and volunteer groups for specific purposes.

I see no reason why it cannot utilise a willing resource to more effectively combat social issues.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We have forgotten the Storm in the East

There exists in the Eastern Asian mainland a gathering superpower which still represents a grave threat.


And yet it is continually fed. We throw the dragon a corpse every now and then, hoping that it will stay in its cave. A little Tibet here, Eastern Turkestan there, and a sprinkle of Taiwan to top it off. At most we have attempted to douse the flames spewing forth from its breath, but we have wished that it keep it full ferocity in the dark.

But China is a threat. What should be done about it?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Notes on Pakistan

Pakistan has thus far been the most reliable ally of the United States in the Islamic world. Pakistan recently began training the first of its women pilots, and its leader is attempting to revise Islam and remove its worst elements. In other words it is in many ways what we like Iraq to be. The moderates, a true force indeed in Pakistan, are fighting against the retrograde tendency present in Islam. They are fighting in their own nation. A divide is appearing, wide and terrible, between those advocating the Life of Muhammad as a model, and those wishing to forget most of his bad deeds. But the moderates have done just about all they can do.

It will soon be time for the radicals to have their say. And we all know how Islamics express themselves