Wednesday, April 26, 2006


When one has an infection of gangrene which has gone untreated, one must lose that part of the body.

Islam is a malignant infection. It, like gangrene, cannot be cleansed. It, or the limb on which it resides must be removed.

It is a simple idea, but what will it mean in practice?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

America must recover a sense of history and place. History is the story of man, often simply the rpa-sheet of the crimes of mankind. When one flips through the events that make up the story of mankind, the crimnal and sinful nature of man beocmes so clear that pessimism inevitably takes hold. A Gibbon said "history is nothing but the catalogue of crimes, misdeeds...." A great truth uttered by a great man. America does not know where it came from,not in the least, and therefore does not know where it is going. This is a generalization of mine based on experience and I see it reinforced constantly. Take as it is.

But if we do not know where we came from then how on earth are we to know where our enemies, friends and neutrals in the world came from? How can we understand India's history without knowing our own? We cannot. Therefore we as Americans cannot possibly know why India and Pakistan hate one another. How can we claim rspect for another culure, but disrespect our own? These are all problems which education will have to solve. But it will not.

Who can we learn from in history? Our enemies, be they in China or Iraq, know well their own history. As societies steeped in tradition, often pseudo-tribal or tribal, it is passed down from father to son, from imam to individual, from commisar to citizen. We have no such imparting of knowledge.

I only use this as an exapmle of how history is viewed in other societies, its importance, and why we must ourselves launch into a study of it.

Islam is particularlly rooted in history. The very nature of Islam, dependant on the immulation of Muhammad, leads it toward the historical. This history breeds rage, whether it be the Mythical golden age, the formerly dhimmidied Jews who have relciamed their land, the depredations suffered in the colonial period, or the counter-attack known as the Crsudaes. So our enemies fight not so much for the now but for the legacy of their forefathrs in Islam. They march singing praised of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Khalid, Nur-al-Din, Saldian, and the like. When you look to the history of Islam, you see a nearly ubroken series of conqusts. You might think them invincibel. The question is, why did'nt Islam succeed in conquering the world? Its warriors fly off to death with grins on thier faces? Thry fear nothing, fight well and take no pity.

The answer: The Mongols.

This is thhe point was getting to with all of my talk of history. Hugulau Khan was a Mongol warrior. He was a relative of Ghengis Khan.

He used terror to win his battles. He attacked the Caliph and destroyed Baghdad. The irrigation system was torn up. He killed nearly the entire population, sparing only the Nestorian Christians. At least 800,000 were put to death. The Caliph was stuffed in a sack and trampled over with horses. The Mosques were converted to stables, the imams put to the sword along with all the city's notables, the Korans were tossed into the Eurphrates. Thus Iraq was conquered. America could learn much from this.

-No promises of democracy
-no promise of reconstruction
-no Mongols put on trial for shooting the enemy
-no mercy given to muslims, not even their children

All these depraved acts served to terrorise the Muslims into submission to an infidel army. They never rose against him. In fact there was no resistance. Certainly no years long guerilla war. No Islamic observances such as beheading. Terror is such a dirty word, with all of its non-Western connotations of cowardice. Bush has used 'Terror" as a word to incite outrage. In fact, to incite that Western European knightly notion of chivalry. That chivalry which died a century ago, and in truth never applied to any culture but the European. Terrorism is the best tactic the enemy can use against us. Thus far it has worked and the saying goes that you cannot argue with results. It has worked primarily because those who commit the acts have no fear that their families mght be vaporized, or thier village burt down.

In the Cold War there was talk of a 'Missile Gap". In this War Against Islam there is a 'Terror Gap' which our leaders must allow our military to close. Otherwise, the Zarqawis of the world will multiply, and there will be no end in sight to the bloodshed.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Who really owned the Southwestern U.S.? Mexico? America? Neither?

I am afraid neither. With the recent protests, and the typical non-testicular response to them, the propaganda of the Hispano-Fascist has been allowed to morph into something of a sacred cow. According to this agitation propaganda, Mexico is the 'rightful' owner of the American southwest.

This is a gigantic falsehood perpetrated on the United States for and by those who would destroy the United States. Fewer than 400,000 Mexicans lived in the Southwest! Before the evil gringo came, with his evil-exploitave gringo system, evil gringo technology, and apparently evil gringo prosperity- the Southwest was little more than an arid waste. Mexican citizens had to be paid to live there. Therefore, it was not Mexican territory. It was only claimed by Mexico, but never part of its territroy. Claiming it is 'stolen' land is the height of uneducated drivel and stupidity. It would be like America claiming the Sahara desert and then acting shocked when another nation seized it.

Are the Mexicans of today natives?

This is also a gigantic lie, or the worst order, made more terrible by the fact that the Mexican government waged a voracious war against Indians every bit as ferocious as that of the Whites. Most are not natives, any more than say, I could be considered Polish. Mexico has also never stopped killing natives. The brutal war against the Maya has continued on and off for hundred of years. Most Mexicans are at least part Spanish. So lets not make this about racial thoery, lest that percious thoery be cast into the light of truth and dissolve thereby. This ancestoral fact could be proven by an honest genological study. So this race theory, despite its gradation in color, is every bit as stupid as the Aryan one.

Was Texas invaded and taken over by Whites?

No! This is a terrible legacy of racism. The white texans and Mexicans fought the dictator Santa Anna. He was a hated tyrant. Tyranny is color blind. Nearly half of the people who fought a the Alamo were Mexican. But this was removed from history by white racists. Now, with the rise of anti-white racism, that truth is also suppressed. Thus America is stuck in a limbo; between the injustice of the past and the compounding injustice coming in the future.