Friday, March 31, 2006


The american psyche seems forever lost in the irrevocable state of adult childishness. A state by which any empire would be destined to fall. Emotions have trumped logic, and emotions of base weakness have replaced the former masculinity of times past. Enemies, isntead of being crushed, are 'liberated' and then it is trumpeted as some type of American tradtion to 'liberate' peoples. Oh yes, we liberated the natives all right. Where is the spirit in this country?

War were never won be feinged outrage. War were never won by the cry 'not fair'. The outrage over the beheading of hostages, the weeping of the survivors of terror attacks, and the generally soppish demenor of the American must be a cause for joy to hose who wish to destroy all that is modern, all that is good, and all that is civilized.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Weakness of the Nation

There is one character trait which seems to pervade nation life beyond all else.
We as a people seem weak. Our politics are weak. Our religion is weak. Our families are weak. Our personalities are weak.
We as a people apparently like being lied to by our politicians, because each time we get a chance we elect the same pack of criminals. If one of the packs of criminals is thrown out of office, we elect them after tiring of the currently-in-power pack of criminals. The port deal just reinforces my convictions of this. This is weakness. We are afraid of the truth. America wake up! This is not an episode of a show on T.V. This is not a newsflash which may pull on your pity but never affect you. This thing we are in is a war and if we do not win it this generation it will continue. The next generation will gt it worse. It will not stop until millions of Muslims lay butchered at the hands of one of the nations under attack by them. Ask yourself, if democracy will not work for the Islamic world what will? Invasions? Assassinations? Perhaps decimation? But who is to blame for the pathetic war effort? The people. Look in the mirror. For us to acheive victory we must fix our weakness. This, like all of our other ills, is internal. We must fix our weakness and then clean house of these politicians. Then we might have a chance.

Our extenal issues are multiplying and they will not be solved easily. The Neitzschite American is coming up against the Islamist. Who will win? In the short run the bets might be on us, the all-powerful Americans. But unless something in the soul of the nation changes, we face defeat.
A few prayers for those in harm's way would not hurt at all.